Friday, October 4, 2013

Ritathix DOE: Thickening a product

I introduced you to Ritathix DOE yesterday, a new liquid thickener we can add to surfactant based products like body wash, shampoo, or other lathery and foamy things, so I thought I'd show you a little video I made about it today.

I thought I'd thicken up the body wash I formulated for really oily skin earlier this week, the recipe for which you can find in that post. (In the video, I mention that I'm using the Japanese body wash recipe from this post. I did that little experiment, but I didn't end up videoing it. Instead, I used the video from the oily body wash recipe! I have to fix that!)

The end result is that I used 4.67% Ritathix DOE to thicken my black amber lavender fragranced body wash and 4.4% to fragrance a body wash with Axe Phoenix fragrance oil to get that kind of consistency. That's not what I normally want from a body wash; I prefer it a little thicker. It wasn't watery like the starting point, but it wasn't that thick and luscious looking liquid I prefer in a product.

But we should do more comparisons! Join me on Monday when we compare Ritathix DOE with liquid Crothix in a head-to-head comparison of thickening abilities and skin feel!


Lesley said...

enjoyed the video!

Lesley said...

loved the video!