Monday, October 7, 2013

Ritathix DOE: Comparing it to Crothix

How does Ritathix DOE compare to liquid Crothix for thickening and skin feel? Let's take a look!

To summarize the video: I scented by my body wash for oily skin with niacinamide and sebum control enzyme with 1% lemon curd fragrance oil, then divided it into two portions of 288 grams each. To each I added 1% Ritathix or 1% Crothix. I stirred, then filmed it. I added another 1% of each to each container. In the end, it looks like Ritathix thickened the product better than Crothix.

As I mentioned in the post on the Japanese themed body wash, when fragranced with Yuzu and Sweet Meyer Lemon fragrance oils, I used 5% Crothix to get a consistency similar to what you see in the video. Which, I have to point out, is a different recipe with different types of surfactants. I will be sharing my tests with you in a few weeks on this recipe.

You'll probably notice there's a difference in how much thickener it took to thicken the body wash fragranced with lemon curd and that with black amber lavender. It took 4.67% to thicken that and 4.4% to thicken one with Axe Phoenix fragrance oil. Which just shows you that fragrance oils can have a huge impact on the viscosity of your product! (Click here for a post on that topic.)

And it also shows that it's hard to extrapolate results because even something that seems as simple as a change in fragrance oil changes things so much! I was happy with 2% for the lemon curd body wash and but needed over 4% for other fragrances. This is the same batch of body wash divided into eight batches so I could use them as testers, so the only difference was the fragrance oil. Pretty dramatic, eh?

So far it seems my testers prefer the skin feel of Crothix over the skin feel of the Ritathix reporting that "sample #2 has a lather that's harder to wash off". I've noticed that the Ritathix seems thicker at 2% than the Crothix, which means we want to use less, and it does seem to have a stickier feeling lather.

Look for more tests in the next few weeks when I hear from my testers!

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