Thursday, October 31, 2013

Recipe round-up: Make-up removers

I thought you might like a few recipes for make-up remover for some post-Hallowe'en clean up, so here are a few that might interest you! (The surfactant and oil based ones will work for waterproof make-up.)

Surfactant based make-up remover
Oil based make-up remover
Water based make-up remover
Possible duplication of a creamy cleanser
Surfactant based cleansing towelette
Lotion based cleansing towelette
Possible duplication of a Garnier cleansing towelette

Link to my favourite ester based make-up remover recipe (The Herbarie). You don't need the calendula in here. It's nice for soothing, but feel free to leave it out or use another hydrosol that is find around your eyes, like rosemary for degreasing or lavender for soothing. The glycerin and ester are the vital parts of this recipe.

Hope your night is filled with tricks and treats!


Triska Winarko said...

Hai Susan. I love your blog, so informative!
So, a lot of the makeup removers in my supermarket are those bi- phasic ones you shake before using. I would love to try to replicate them but I just dont quite understand them, is it just that you have an oil phase and a water phase plus preservatives. No emulsifier?
Would love your insight. Thankyouuuu

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Triska! I'm making your comment Sunday, December 7th's Weekend Wondering. Can you tell me what you like about these products? I'm curious!

Bonny said...

Hi Susan. Thank you for this recipe. I want to try making it, but I only have PEG 7 Glycerin Cocoate. Can it replace PEG 7 Olivate in your recipe? Thank you.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Bonny. The PEG-7 olivate in this recipe is there as a light surfactant, solubilizer, and emollient. To know if you can substitute one for the other, you would have to figure out if the PEG-7 glycerin cocoate does the same thing. (I found it at Making Cosmetics.) If it fulfills the same role, then try it out. There are other things to consider, like skin feel, cost, how it feels on your eyes, and so on, so make a small batch and see what you think!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan.