Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My new SnapGuide - making a lip shimmer or coloured lip balm

I've been meaning to make some mineral make-up visual guides, so here is the first one! Want to learn more? Click on the MMU label or look under the links to lists on the right hand side of the blog. 


Diva Soap said...

Hi Susan,
I have already made lip balms before, but then I wished to make a lip sheer balm (not to say a lipstick,but why not?) I've got everything I need, but I wonder why ultramarines are not suitable for colouring. On my supplier's site it says their pigments (both oxides and ultramarines) can be used for all cosmetic purposes,including lips and eyes.
Thank you for all you have shared on your blog,I'm a great fan of your texts and your virtual student.

mallong joan said...

Hello my name is Joan ,and I have want to say God bless you tremendously for the good job you are doing.I am an industrial chemistry student in a Nigerian university and I would like to make enquiries on what ebooks are available for purchase and how to get them I dont have any relatives in the UK to help me .I would be delighted to get your reply thanks.

Stacey said...

Thanks again for the inspiration. I made up a couple of trial tinted lip balms last week and am totally in love with it! Much appreciation for your work on the Snapguide.