Monday, July 1, 2013

Make your own nail polish!

I'm having a love affair with nail polish right now. I've always had really strong nails, so strong that I can't bite through them. (Yes, those are my real nails...) I realize I have my genes to thank - I received a triple helping of whatever gives you hair, nails, teeth, and bones - but I think another part is that I don't mess with them. I don't file them, unless there's a little nick in them, and I don't get manicures. I admit I don't treat them very well - I use them as tools to open cans or pick up beads - but I do wear gloves when washing stuff in hot water. The key is to have nails that are strong, but still flexible enough to bend if you smash them into the door when you miss the knob!

I had some of the youth from my group over to make some nail polish a while ago, but I can't find the recipes anywhere! (You know how I say to take lots of notes? Make sure you put them somewhere you can find them!) We used the 5 ml bottles from Voyageur Soap & Candle, and I based my two - the gray and green ones - on eye shadows I've made in the past. The green one is Sublime, and we found that 4 to 8 0.15 cc scoops of colour worked well with 5 ml of nail polish. The gray one is Winterfell, and I think I used 5 - 0.15 cc scoops of colour in that one. When making a matching nail polish, make your colour blend, but don't add the eye shadow base to it. We did that, and it ends up being a bit clumpy with the titanium dioxide and Dry-flo and such in it.

Voyageur Soap & Candle have some great nail polish recipes you can find on their site. Starry Night is the nail polish on the left hand side of my picture above. And take a look at their blog for a gorgeous St Patrick's Day green (with a gel liner tutorial!)

As a note, these metallics and just about every other mica - except the pop micas ! - I use in my products can be found at Voyageur Soap & Candle. 

Soap Queen has done a few tutorials on making nail polish, including a video you can watch! Check out her posts on matte nail polish, pinch free nail polish (St Patrick's Day), making scented nail polish, and a Talk it Out Tuesday post!

Want some ideas for colour blends? Check out the mineral make-up section of the blog for all the eye shadows you could make!

And check out this nail and cuticle balm. I love this stuff! I'm not saying it's the reason I have long, strong nails because I've had those my entire life, but I think it's the reason they are getting back to normal after a year of swimming every other day!


Mychelle said...

Fun! I also have naturally long, strong nails but I generally wear them short and unadorned these days. It drives my Mom crazy. How fun to make my own polish! Then I would wear it.

Anne-Marie said...

Customized nail polish is all the rage right now and I love whipping together a quick batch. You sure are lucky to have such strong nails and I can't wait to hear more about your nail polish experiments in the future. :)