Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's a busy Thursday!

We have craft group from 2 to 4 - mehndi or henna tattooing - then games night from 5 to 8:30, so it's all about the kids today! (I really have to update that side bar as we have at least three weeks!) My exam went well - I really feel I have a good grasp on the material, and I really throw myself into studying after every class - and I thank you for your well wishes!

I wanted to point out a few posts in which I'd love your feedback. I'm spending a goodly portion of the weekend working on the blog - updating the look (I hope), adding my adorable new logo (click here), responding to your comments, reviewing stuff to add to the solid perfume SnapGuide, working on tons of new posts as I get review from my testers, and more.

If you have a few minutes, check out these posts and share your opinion!
What are you working on? Could you use a little help?
Share your favourite fragrance blends for a chance to win one of my e-books! 
Newbie Tuesday: What are we working on next?

If you're a newbie, please check out the newbies section I'm creating on the blog. You'll find it in the links to lists section in the right hand comment.

And please check out this post as I'd love to see your feedback on your process: Ask yourself a few questions.

See you tomorrow!

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