Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I want your contributions!

As I mentioned in this post on Ritamulse SCG, I've written my 2000th post! To celebrate, I thought I'd put together a PDF of my favourite recipes for free download. But then I started thinking...wouldn't it be cooler to put together a PDF of your favourite recipes from the blog? You already know which ones I like!

So here's what I'm asking you to do...Send me your favourite recipe from this blog with the recipe you actually used. (If you have a link to the original and a photo of a version you've made, all the better!) Tell me what you like about the recipe, why you wanted to make it, what you thought of it, and so on.

I want to include at least ten recipes in the PDF, and it would be nice if I had a bit of everything - hair care, lotion, anhydrous products, and so on. If your recipe makes it into the PDF, you'll get your name and formula in print and I'll send you your choice of e-book as a thanks!

If you could e-mail me your recipe (and pictures, if you have them), it would be easier to flag it for cutting and pasting. (I'm at!) Let's say the cut off date is August 16th to give those of you who might be on holidays a chance! I can't wait to see what you send!


Zenobiah said...

My favorite is the intense conditioner:

It is the best!

Minnie said...

Yay, 2000 posts! Congrats!

I really love the mango butter lotion bar. It's a great starting point and easily tweakable (is that even a word) Anywho, I made some changes to fit my boyfriends preferences and he loves it for his bald head!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipe for a thicker foot cream. Again, I made some changes to suit my taste. I have the ugliest looking feet! Not anymore!

Kim said...

Congratulations! I hope the post will double and more! May you be posting on your blog for many more years. I can only talk for myself but I am sure many agree when I say that you're very appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to teach us so much.

My favorite recipe is the emulsified sugar scrub!
Which I first saw here: almost 2 years ago. I didn't have any black cocoa butter so needed to change that. After making it very often (family keeps asking for more) and changing bit by bit, I came to this version of the recipe:

Belgian Chocolate Emulsified Sugar Scrub
10% emulsifying wax
10% cetearyl alcohol
15% cocoa butter
10% shea butter
25% sweet almond oil
15% macadamia oil
13% olive oil
1% vitamin E
.5% germall plus
.5% fragrance oil
As the name says, I always use Belgian Chocolate FO (unless someone asks another scent) in it. This seems to give it something extra, but that might just be me, from Belgium and very proud of our chocolate!
First time I made it, I added cocoa powder to give it the black cocoa effect. This was not my best idea, brown is not exactly an attractive color to be bathing in...
Everyone that uses it really likes it! It is not like the not emulsified scrubs that leaves your skin greasy, hard to get of and stains cloths. I love the surprise on people's faces when they scrub, wash it of and see the scrub turn into a lotion! I don't know how other people use scrubs but I use it after the soap. It leaves my skin so soft and not greasy. Can use it on hands without being afraid that your hands will be to greasy. I just can't stop talking about it, love it that much!
Thank you so much for creating this scrub and posting it on your blog!
I sadly don't have a picture, I just can't seem to make an attractive picture of a jar...

Thank you!
P.s. I hope I didn't make to many writing mistakes as English is not my main language.

Aljonor said...
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Aljonor said...

Hey Susan:

1. The chemistry of our nails: Formulating a balm with lanolin and lecithin : this recipe I did not change. My cuticles are always soft and healthy looking.

2. Formulating lotion bars: Swift's favourite lotion bar recipe on page 25 of the creating anhydrous products. I did not have sesame oil, and used babassu oil; I did not have soybean oil, so used aloe vera extract, which had soybean in it. Here is the recipe

28% of beeswax
10% of babassu
21.2% of Rice Brain oil
5% of aloe vera extract: has soybean oil in it
30% of mango butter
2% of IPM
2% of cycomethicone
1.5% of fragrance (chose myran gold from brambleberry)
0.3 vitamin E