Monday, July 15, 2013

Forgotten threads...

I admit that I get distracted by passing bumblebees sometimes, and there are series or posts on the blog that I promised but never finished. Part of that is that I didn't get around to making the recipes or giving made recipes to testers, or I made them and didn't like them, or I made them and my testers didn't get back to me or I -- awesome, I love this song! Wait, what was I talking about? Game of Thrones? It's awesome! Hodor! What? 

I think you get the idea of how my brain works. I buy ingredients and forget I bought them, so I end up with three jars of PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, or I have a plan to make something, but then I get my hair caught in a drill and need a good conditioner, and so on. As I write this, I have three other "create post" tabs open as I think of something to add to one while I'm writing another. I can't multitask - read this then this and tell me if multi-tasking exists, and, if it does, if it's a good thing - but I can enjoy a good game of thought pinball where one idea begets another! 

So I've been going through old posts and discovered three series I didn't finish...
  • Creating lotion based facial scrubs (physical and chemical)
  • Comparing esters, oils, and silicones
  • Creating lotions with lanolin
  • Making a daily conditioner from Friday
So my plan is to finish these things over the summer and get those posts to you! If you find something that wasn't finished, let me know! A comment or e-mail with the link would be great. I've been doing searches and scanning the posts, but there's a lot to search through and any help you can offer would be - you've had enough bacon, Blondie! Raymond, you're not helping giving her my last popsicle! What was I saying? 


Anonymous said...

How cool! I am excited! Can't wait


Topcat said...

Lol - you sound so much like me Susan..... only brainier :)