Thursday, June 27, 2013

When good products go wrong!

I'm enjoying some holiday time workshop fun this week, and I have all kinds of fun new ingredients and products to share with you, but I had to share this product! 

I had this idea to make a Japanese themed body wash with bamboo, sake, willow, and green tea, scented with Bramble Darry's amazing Yuzu fragrance oil. The body wash went well - more on that in a few days - but what happened next produced a product that no one would want or "accept as a gift".*

I bought some activated charcoal from Voyageur Soap and Candle and thought it could make an interesting addition to the body wash. I figured 5% would be a good start. 

It was a terrible idea! It looks like the kind of tar from which creatures emerge fully formed in particularly creepy horror movies! And this is 100 grams body wash diluted with another 200 grams distilled water! But being the loving husband he is, Raymond wanted to try it in a foamer bottle. (It's very very thin!) He tried it and said he liked it. He's generally very blunt about my products - at my request! - and he said it felt nice. (The picture is pre-rinsing!) 

If you want to try it, maybe start at 0.5%? Anyone have any suggestions for its usage? Other than to make stuff for small boys who might think asphalt coloured bubble bath looks cool? It does go on that black, but rinses clean. I wouldn't dry off with a light coloured towel, though. 

*Quote from the Simpsons. Marge, about Homer's inventions. "No one would buy these, or accept them as gifts!" 


Simone said...

Hi Susan.
Just wanted to say : What a great husband you have! Mine too shares (or in my case, I think, suffers in silence) my hobbies/pleasures. Super photo!!

Anonymous said...

What a great sense of humor your hubbie has! It gave me a chuckle to hear about your adventures with charcoal. My only recommendation is to give it to a Soaper friend. It is a great colorant and additive to soap. Cleansers and lotions, apparently not so much, lol!

Lise M Andersen said...

I use activated charcoal in my mascara for coloring. I mix it with mica and oxides and it's great.

Heela said...

I use some in my face mask...

Rachel, NZ said...

I regularly use Activated Charcoal at 1% together with Zinc Oxide at 15% in a night treatment balm specifically formulated for acne-prone skin (including cystic acne). I have customers who find it works very well to help decongest and heal this skin type and won't use anything else. This is the recipe:
15% Beeswax
68% Oils with healing properties (I use Calendula, Sea Buckthorn Fruit, St John's Wort & Comfrey Infused Oil but the possibilities are many)
Then add:
15% Zinc Oxide (oil soluble)
1% Activated Charcoal
1% Vitamin E
1% Tea Tree Essential Oil
1% Benzoin Styrax Essential Oil
Mix well, then pour into pot. (It does go a funny grey/green colour but quite honestly when you are plagued with acne breakouts, product colour is the least of your concerns - as long as it works!)
The Activated Charcoal helps to draw out toxins, the Zinc, oils and
Vitamin E heal the eruptions and the essential oils help to keep the area free from bacteria.

Kind regards

B. Anthony said...

I had a question about Acitivated Charcoal and was hoping someone could point me to the right resources.
Apologies ahead of time if this is covered somewhere, this is the only post coming up in a Charcoal search.

I was trying to make a simple face scrub replicating the japanese black/kuro uno mens face wash. I was using 230mg activated charcoal from a gel cap supplement, 1 tsp (3g?) granulated sugar, distilled water and a drop or two tee-tree oil.

The thin scrub went on well but when trying to wash off with water it was mostly just smearing about until I used a product face soap. Even after I had to go a few rounds of wiping with a clean paper towel.

Is there something I can add or avoid combining to break this to the level of the face scrub I was aiming to replicate?

Other thoughts on a future attempt. Using a version with aloe vera and or a quality oil in the scrub like argan/coconut/hemp oil.

Any info / direction is appreciated thanks.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Ben. Can you link to the product you're trying to replicate so we can see what it looks like? Please provide a link and the full ingredient list.

So you're combining charcoal, sugar, tea tree oil, and water to make a scrub? And you want it to wash out? Just to make things clear...

B. Anthony said...

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
Yes I am interested in having it clean and wash out like these two products.
My tubes are in other languages so the ingredient listings are from the amazon links

Shiseido Ultra Black Wash : Ingredients - water - glycerin - stearic acid - myristic acid - potassium hydroxide - lauric acid - peg 8 - glyceryl stearate se - sodium methyl cocoyl taurate - menthol - magnesium aluminum silicate - charcoal powder - acrylates copolymer - nacre powder - disodium edta - sodium citrate - hexyl cinnamal - limonene - linalool - and fragrance
::: Link :::

Gatsby Mandom Charcoal Facial Scrub : Ingredients - Water, PEG-30, stearic acid, glycerin, myristic acid, lauric acid, potassium hydroxide, palmitic acid, polyethylene, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol distearate, sodium methyl laurel taurate, medicinal carbon, glyceryl stearate, carbomer, menthol, PEG-10 isostearate, sodium phosphate, paraben fragrance
::: Link :::