Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

My dad died in 2001, so I tend to forget the exact date of Father's Day. Please accept my apologies for the lateness of these wishes for the men who read this blog or the men in your lives! I was quite annoyed this morning to see the newspaper had written very little about Father's Day, when we get page after page about mom in the days leading up to Mother's Day! And now I've become part of the problem! 

It's a little late to make products for yourself or the lovely men in your lives, but I encourage you to check out the products for men section of the blog before your/his next birthday or Christmas or anniversary or any other cheap excuse for presents! Make something really lovely with tons of decadent oils with wonderful smells! Make a lovely moisturizer, a hand cleanser, a body wash, a shaving bar, or something else that tells the man in your life how much you appreciate him!

Happy Father's Day!

And yes, that was the last time my hair was THAT short! Doesn't that picture just scream the 70s? The scary thing is that we just tossed out that couch because the springs finally gave way! 

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Marie said...

God love you and all fathers!