Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Choose your suppliers wisely!

Please buy your supplies from reputable suppliers. I'm not saying people on eBay aren't reputable, but you can't be sure exactly what you are getting or the shelf life of the product when you're buying a product from an intermediary. Things might be mislabelled - are you sure this is e-wax NF or cetearyl alcohol? - or they might not have been stored under optimum conditions, like the oft suggested cold, dark place. (As well, I've noticed the prices and shipping seem to be a bit on the high side from eBay, but that might not be representative...)

If you choose a supplier with good feedback and knowledge of their ingredients, your journey into making bath and body products will be all the more wonderful! Develop a relationship with the vendor - get to know their recipes and talk to them about suggested ingredients. I'm so lucky to have a number of great vendors local to me, and I feel I've learned so much from their advice and suggested uses for new or novel ingredients.

Check out the lists of suppliers in the FAQ (look to your right under links to lists!) for your geographic area. 

And for no reason, here's a picture from last night's Simpsons showing my two favourite shows colliding! Hodor! 


Kim said...

I would wish there was a supplier near me, sadly there is not 1 in Belgium (unless one has appeared without my notice). So the next choice is the UK where shipping goes to +20£ very fast, especially when you need oils and butter. So, when you forget 1 or 2 products or you only have to order a few small things prices go up. Therefor ebay does come in handy at times. I only buy from suppliers that have good feedback as it is important you have a good product when you will put it on your skin and it can have bad effects if the product is rubbish. I agree that ebay is not always ideal, but you can have bad luck with with a new non-ebay supplier to. I wish I'd live in the US or Canada from what I read on forums there's such a big choice in suppliers (when I look at SKS bottles, I'm almost drooling) At the moment AromaZone from France seem to sell most of the goodies used for bath and body products but that part of the website is in French (I'm from Belgium but I speak flemish/dutch, 3 languages here: flemish, french and german), I speak some french but it's not good enough to understand what products do. It takes some work to order (translate to english, have a french page open to order, save your order and do that over and over again. I'm probably doing something wrong...). Ebay may not be great, but it can be a solution if your options are limited.


Julia said...

Hi Susan!
I thought I had seen Saffire Blue on your list of suppliers, did you remove them? THeir customer service is so so and there are some inconsistencies in their products.
There is a supplier near TOronto http://www.newdirectionsaromatics.ca that is AMAZing for customer service, and Ive never had a problem with any products ordered.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Julia. I did remove Saffire Blue. I've never ordered from NDA, but I've heard great things about them! What products do you like best?

Julia said...

Im just curious as to why you removed them. Through your website is how I started ordering with them. THeir prices on containers are great. But their service is NOT. Something that is ok if you have the patience I suppose.

I like all of NDA's products so far. Their botanicals are wonderful, oils are great. Prices are great on most items as well. And their customer service is outstanding. If I place ano order today and ask them to rush order ( at no extra cost) it will be here tomorrow! ANd if you dont like the consisency of your products you can return for 15 days.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Julia. This is the reason.

Formulator Sample Shop said...

Well Said Susan! Thank you.
We try to take the time to get to know all of our customers. We don't like to sell products without knowing their application. We also like to provide customized formulation advice based on their formula. I think it's very important.

Kim - We have a manufacturing plant in Europe and if that doesn't work for you, Feel Free to contact me - We have several people that speak Flemish, French, English, Spanish & Arabic.
We also ship via USPS if that helps in shipping costs. Feel Free to contact me anytime... mghanem@formulatorsampleshop.com

Thank you,
Maggie Ghanem