Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Newbie Tuesday: We're pushing the schedule back a week...

Can I be honest for a moment? I'm a little disappointed by the lack of participation in the Newbie Tuesday posts learning about our oils. The point of the series is for you to try things at home, then share it with others who are trying their oils at home...but the series can't succeed if you aren't sharing your experiences!

As a result, I'm delaying the posts about whipped butters back a week with the hopes that you will share your comments on the skin feel of your oils and the body oils you've made. As an incentive, I'm offering an e-book to a commenter from each post in this series based on a random draw. (Probably Back to Basics as it fits in with this series, but you can get something else if you already have that one...) I really really want you to share your thoughts as we learn best when we all share!

I can't wait to see what you share!

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femmedusiecle said...

I need to catch up!

Mychelle said...

C'mon newbies, let's hear it! Not a newbie but I'll happily participate. Personally my favorite oils, neat and in product, are FCO, Sesame, and a light Olive oil. Love these. FCO sinks in very quickly and feels weightless. Sesame is a touch heavier but also feels very light. It gives me a more occlusive feeling while not staying greasy on my skin. I adore the Bel Olio brand of light Olive oil; it shares much more in common with sesame than with traditional olive oils. Heavy enough to stick around but sinks in nicely; if I touch where I have applied it half an hour later I feel smooth skin not oil. For a nice greasy oil give me Rice Bran any day. And my fave oil of all time is Coconut. So versatile, love the texture and softness it lends to my skin and hair; and it is great for cooking with. Also makes a great butt cream for my little one. Perfect oil!

Michoux said...

First I want to thank you for this great site. It's the best I ever found, and I learn a lot thanks to you.
I tried to make a body oil with jojoba, grape seed and castor oils, but it's not spreadable at all. I prefer creams or lotions that are easier to use, and where we can add anti aging ingredients.
As an aside, English is not my first language... I do my best.

LeKenda said...

I am so not a newbie but I will tell my favs: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor oil and Rice Bran Oil. Almost forgot about Coconut oil a summer time favorite. I work in pediatrics and I always recommend olive oil for dry patches on little ones skin (not to mention cradle cap). For my eczema patients I have them blend about half castor half olive oil and have them put this on damp skin- works like a charm. Coconut oil, a touch of vitamin E and a smidge of fragrance or essential oil and I have my summertime moisturizer (I not really a moisturizer but I always apply it on damp skin).

Organa said...

Hello Susan did today after an oil bath, just not used many types of oils, the biggest part was with almond oil, mixed glycerides capryl, octyl palmitate and cyclomethicone, a little coconut oil and BHT, have not tried, I do not know how it goes, hope it works.
I have a variety of oils so I can not say much about it, but as always you all for showing knowledge.
thank you

PS: Sorry my bad english google translator.

Anonymous said...

I am not a newbie but this is my first time posting. I really enjoy reading the information as it helps me formulating my products and understanding how to use the oils in my products. Thank you

Carol Holmes said...

Hi Susan,i'm newer than a newbie( what's the word for that), to the point i think this is all way over my head! Anyway,I tested 5 oils( see my previous comment),then tries some more and decided to use sesame,fractionated coconut, and borage oils in my 3 oil template sample. I found this combination absorbed quickly,had a really nice silky feel,( my arms felt really nice after an hour . One problem,the oils don't 'spray' from the spray bottle they squirt. Has anyone else had that problem ( i made sure i used a 'spray' bottle) or am i just being picky. Next I'm adding using 4 oils,adding pomegranate, so 30% of the same 3 oils and 10% pomegranate.then I'm going to make another 3 oil batch and change out the sesame for soy bean, and another changing out the soy bean for sunflower. i'll let you what i think. regards Carol Holmes

Chaeya said...

I'm not a newbie either, but I'll happily share my favorite oils. For good and cheap, FCO hands down. Meadowfoam Seed Oil because it's light and sinks in my skin very well. Jojoba which I don't care for alone, but mixed with the other two at a smaller percentage is great. I also love love love Virgin Coconut Oil. It also penetrates well and I could just stick my nose in it and sniff forever. I never get tired of it. These oils are also long shelf life oils and will last a good 2-3 years, although I never seem to have them that long. I do have some Virgin Coconut Oil that's more than 5 years old and it still smells great.

I just bought some Avocado and Macadamia Nut oils and I look forward to trying them in some of my recipes. I'm changing up my lotion because some of my customers have been wanting something thicker. I'll keep my old formula for those who like light lotions, but want something with some more skin nutrients in them. I'll check back with what I feel about these two oils. Still haven't unpacked them yet.

Andrea said...

I've been following too but was a little shy to post as I really, really don't feel like I know what I am talking about...but I decided to jump in and give it a whirl! If everyone was too shy to post, we'd never learn anything, right?? Thanks again for all the time and effort you put into your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a newbie! but i'm coming our of lurkdom!
My favorite oils are Rice Bran, Soybean and Virgin Coconut!
i grew up with my grandmother making coconut oil from scratch, so i'm never tired of that one!
i use the above plus castor oil in my body butters and conditioners

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

I'm a newbie and I started making my own products because of your blog. Thank you - I have learnt so much and keep learning every day. I love using rice bran, soy, grapeseed, sesame and safflower oil in my different butters. I made a face oil with soy, evening primrose, avocado, boaobab, rosehip and carrot oils, but the rosehip was no good on my skin. I made a new one (after I did some 'research' ;-) and used high linoleic oils - supposedly better for people that suffer from breakouts? I don't know, but I'm holding thumbs. Please excuse any grammar mistakes - English is also not my home language here in South Africa.

Keep well

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I was so much looking forward to everyone feedback! thank you for this serie. I will finally get to the wrokshop and create (after month of reading and learning about all the ingredients).

I did the all thing (applied, smell, left it on my skin, checked @5mn, 30mn and after rinse). Here is what I got so far:
* I realized I can't stand the smell of organic virgin coconut oil(not refined, not desodorized). Do not get me wrong I (absolutely) love anything coconut...in my food, just not in my skin care products. And of course, I bought 32oz (oops, should have listen to Susan). Will use that one on my daughters' hair.
* I did not like one bit the rice bran oil. despite the tons of tocopherol and tocotrienol. too much "oilyness" & glide. of course bought a big bottle (sic). will use it for my hand/body scrubs.
* my all time favorites are (in order of preferences and from dry/absorbed quickly/moisturizing effect to very oily)
-> Fractioned coconut oil/Caprylic, Capric Triglyceride oil. perfect for body oil and whipped body butter
-> Apricot kernel oil (just the right balance of glide & slide). liked the nutty smell. it stayed on my skin the longest while being absorbed quiclky. perfect for body oil and whipped body butter
-> Soybean oil. skin felt soft and moisturized
-> Sweet Almond Oil. next best thing after apricot oil. just a bit " greasier". perfect for body scrub


Allison S said...

Hello all! A huge thank you to Susan for this blog. Fascinating stuff. I am new to this, only having experimented for about 3 weeks and this is my first comment. So far I have tried a handful of oils. Macadamia nut: Probably my favorite so far. Feels relatively light, and I love how quickly it sinks in with only the slightest, tiniest touch of dewy glimmer left on the skin after 15 minutes. Has not made me break out. Not an expensive oil either. Seabuckthorn berry oil: Yowzer. This is a crazy one. I can't really pinpoint the unusual smell of this oil. I have tried it in mixtures at only a drop or two and I still find it leaves a mild yellowish residue on my face. I would love to love it, but our relationship is rocky at best. Meadowfoam oil: Nice and unremarkable, similar to macadamia but not as nice somehow. Grapeseed oil: quite similar to meadowfoam. Again, for this category of oil I like the macadamia more. Argan oil: To me this feels like a heavier oil than those mentioned so far. It has a similar viscosity to extra virgin olive oil. I felt it sinks in better than the EVOO. Am I imagining the following? It seemed to tighten up the texture of the skin on the back of my hand. Tried it on my face but no tightening there ;) Sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil: seemed so similar to each other. I have used the almond more over the past weeks, probably because it cost me less $. It seems more watery than the macadamia, but I still find macadamia to be my all star. Jojoba: quite thin but greasy. Wouldn't sink in very fast, but when I wiped the remnants off the skin felt very soft and moist. Rosehip oil: my skin liked this one as well, although it is a very dry oil. Coconut oil: nice oil, but for me too greasy. But I enjoy how it melts before your eyes into such a nice spreadable oil.

So. . .in conclusion if I had to blend a face oil for my skin type using only three oils I would start with (before tweakage) 80% Macadamia, 10% Rosehip, 10% Argan (or EVOO).

As a side note,( but it does pertain to butters) my favorite emulsified cream I have made in my short history used 5% shea butter and 10% macadamia in the oil phase. I also used 3.75% e-wax and various extracts. Glycerin 3%. What I DON'T like about all of the e-wax creations I have made is that the e-wax feels too occlusive. Like I was cleaning my house like a mad woman (visitors arriving shortly) and my face WANTED to perspire, but it felt like it couldn't break through the barrier of the e-wax. Felt creepy. So, although it is off topic, if anyone has (emotionally) reacted to the feeling of e-wax like I have, what did you go with that you enjoyed more?

Again, thanks Susan for this spectacular blog!!! All the best,


Topcat said...

Not a newbie here either but am happy to share my favourite oils for my skin. Rice bran oil is my number one, closely followed by macadamia, camellia and jojoba (wax). I still haven't got around to trying FCO but I definitely will in the near future :)

Mommysoaper said...

I like sweet almond oil, rice bran, sunflower, and olive oil, though olive oil is a bit heavy but my skin is soooo crazy dry this winter/early spring and once it absorbs, feels nice. Your blog is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love Apricot Kernel and Sweet Almond oil. I use them in lotions, Grapeseed was the first oil I used but I find it goes rancid quickly so it will be one I won't buy again. Thank you so much for all your knowledge that you share, I learn so much.

Jessica D said...

My favorite oils are macadamia oil and avocado oil. Both of them just sink into my skin and arent greasy at all! I add them to my shea butter mixes and the result is a super rich butter that is surprisingly NOT greasy! I know a lot of people love coconut oil, but I dont like it. My hair doesnt like it either. It just kind of sits there and after a few days it starts to smell bad. I have to wash my hair more often. So instead of using coconut oil I now use babassu oil which I love! it has the same great properties of coconut oil, but doesnt smell bad after a couple days like coconut. Its also not greasy!

Diane said...

Hi Susan, don't give up on us! I am still experimenting with oils; just splurged on a package from Mountain Rose in Eugene OR (day-trip distance for you?). I don't get money from them either but love their carrier oils.

I am on the far side of 60 and I live in Reno NV so trying not to look like a raisin is a priority.

Currently I will use castor oil and grapeseed half and half or some other light oil after the shower ( I will be experimenting how the other oils work with castor oil). Then I have a face blend that is heavily evening primrose with some pomegranate and rose hip, and a general "outside" blend of sesame, coconut, rosehip, tamanu, sea buckthorn berry, which I might dilute with the basic "inside" blend of coconut and shea butter in 80% water. I usually remember to write down recipes.

I was lucky enough to get "Liquid Sunshine" a book by Jan Kiminski (close?) and am able to get oz. bottles from Mountain Rose, so I can indulge my curiosity. I find the shelf life is longer than advertised if they are handled well.
Keep up the good work!

melian1 said...

i'm not a newbie either, but will join in with my experiences. i find soy to be very greasy and while i like it in hand lotions and such, i do not like it in anything that is pure oils, like serums or such. i didn't at all like the esters for an after-shower spray. it worked ok in the spraying but it didn't leave me feeling moisturized at all.

i like olive oil for most general things like lotion as it takes infusions well, feels lovely on my skin, and plays nicely with other oils. avocado oil is a nice, somewhat light oil, sweet almond seemed a little greasier than other oils, apricot kernel oil is wonderful and i love the scent. my fave oils for my face are hemp seed oil (it tends to add a green factor to the color), rosehip seed oil, pomegranate oil, olive squalane. amazing stuff, it sinks in so fast and easily and really seems to soften and moisturize skin. it really adds to the goodness of face creams.

i mostly soap with coconut oil as it feels so heavy to me, but i like how it feels when i rub it into my skin. i think it will be a fabulous addition to my winter lotion i'm starting to develop. i dislike the unrefined as i don't like the coconut smell ( i know, heresey, lol)

there are so many oils and i've tried many so i won't go into it all. i can ramble on and on and on. in person, i can see folks' eyes glaze over and know to stop. this way, i could go on forever. rofl.

i didn't post at first as i am not a newbie, i was sorta thinking it was for newer folks to participate rather than someone who has been at this for a few years. i always learn so much, tho, as folks post their experiences.

melian1 said...

oh, i forgot to mention red raspberry seed oil! lovely stuff and my face adores it.

Leana said...

I'm a relative newbie to lotion making, and I've only made a few. I've made lotion with olive oil, which is very nice, sinks in quickly. I've made lotion with rice bran oil, I also found that to be very greasy and didn't sink in as quickly as I'd like. I also made some lotion with, please dont flame me, vaseline and I think it was my favorite. and I hate that it was my favorite. But it had staying power, it wasn't greasy, and my hands looked great after using it. My mission is to find something that I like as well as vaseline, but is not a petroleum product.

I make a mixture for my face of light oils: Evening primrose, borage, meadowfoam and argan with a touch of jojoba and I love it. Sinks in nicely and the jojoba gives it just a bit of body so it isn't so light.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan Love your blog and I am learning so much. I discovered this week that I don't really care for greasy oils. I prefer the light to medium ones. This week I have tried FCO, sweet almond, apricot kernel, olive, rice bran, rosehip, jojoba and sesame oils. Going to be making a body oil this weekend. Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.

amisha said...

I am not a newbie, but this has been a great exercise for me in really focusing on the properties of each of the oils! For my face, I like the really light oils that penetrate quickly. I make a face serum that uses jojoba, marula, tamanu, evening primrose, and rosehip, and I find that it works beautifully even in the humid weather we have here in the southern US. For lotions, I prefer something a little heavier... I really like rice bran and sesame, but I balance those out with hemp seed so that it's not too heavy for this climate. Hemp seed is probably my favorite all-around oil for body use, because it is quickly absorbed and has so many skin-healing qualities-- I wish it had a longer shelf life! I love to mix it with shea butter and mango butter in whipped butters.

HoneyLady said...

I am surprised at how wide a range of oils I like. The best skin feel on my face (esters, meadowfoam) is totally different from what I like on my body (mineral! mineral! really?! and FCO)and what I like on my hands (NOTHING on my palms, shea and olive on the backs). Season changes that, too. This was absolutely worth the time and effort to do. Now, as I buy new oils, the first thing I do is test them, and add to the list. Thanks for such an obvious but easy to skip and regret later suggestion. (says HoneyLady with a smile)