Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New visual tutorial: Lotion bars!

I'm lying in bed with a spasming piriformis muscle, so I thought I'd write up another SnapGuide! This time we're looking at lotion bars!

The next one? Why whipped butters, of course! Just in time for the Newbie Tuesday post!

I'm gathering new pictures for these tutorials, so let me know what you want to see! And what topics our interest you!

Now back to watching endless episodes of Screenwipe and Game of Thrones!


Andrea said...

Thank you I am a visual learner so this is really great. I am a huge fan of lotion bars and after a few attempts with too much/little beeswax, I have got something I like. I infused some FCO with chamomile and used shea and soy butter. It isn't too greasy and has great staying power. I would love to see a snapguide about something with surfactants if that would be possible. Thanks again!

Katrien said...

Thank you, Susan!

I just made this - I used mafura butter, soy wax and macadamia nut oil for one and mafura, macadamia and beeswax for the other. I'm excited to see how they differ.

Feel better!

Mich Trenholm said...

Thanks for the visual tutorial, Susan. Like Andrea I am a visual learner, and everything becomes crystal clear with the snapguide tutorial! I tried mango butter with macadamia and it was just nice - not too greasy.