Sunday, April 7, 2013

Missing the Dish? Use this post as a meeting place!

I'm not saying this blog can replace the Dish or lessen your withdrawal symptoms dramatically, but in the words of Sciaretta Farms, "Meanwhile, I have no one to sob to about my shampoo fail or to cheer for as they make their first lotion." We do that 'round here! We can do it more! Let's do it!

So here's a thought...we can make this post all about the sharing and I will put it to the top of the blog every day so you see it right away. I realize a blog post isn't as interactive as a forum, but perhaps we can create a few posts and you, my lovely readers, can offer feedback and your thoughts and everything else. We can cheer each other on and offer ideas for current problems and future problems. Please include your name somewhere on your comment - we don't like anonymity around here as it seems to reduce a sense of community and makes it easier to be mean to teach other. Is that everything? I think so! Let's share!

In the meantime, here are a few sites, blogs, and forums that might interest you. I'd love it if you added your own favourites with a bit of information on what you love about them!

Bath & body blogs and forums
EveryBODY Beauty Blog at Voyageur (Canada)
The Melting Pot Cafe at Fresholi (UK)
Soap Queen from Brambleberry/Otion (USA)
LiseLise (Denmark)

Non-bath & body blogs and forums
Rings & Things (Spokane, Washington)

Never made a lotion? Check out this Newbie Tuesday post all about making your first lotion!


Lise M Andersen said...

HI Susan: just a suggestion, but how about setting the post up as a page instead? then it will be accessible at all times from the front page. You're working in Blogger (like me), so just go to your layout settings and click 'add page' and start filling in the info you want as you would with any other blog post. The only difference is, it shows up as a tab along the top of your site (or wherever you want it to show up-- you can choose that in the settings) You might also do this for some of your archived lists to posts. It would make for a lot less scrolling . :)

Sciarretta Farms said...

My shampoo is like snot and has no bubbles and moreover strips my hair.

I feel much better now.

Like one of my favorite quotes say: "From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success".

Anitra said...

Thanks Susan. I sure do miss the Dish Forum. This must be so irritating for them!

Mychelle said...

It's always dark days when the Dish is down. I'm jonesing bad! Hopefully it comes back soon. Meanwhile I'm making a shower gel, emulsified scrub, body butter, and dry oil spray for my Moms birthday - all in Lemon Curd. Divine!

Mayren Mayfair said...

Facebook helps when i feel this downtrodden without my Dish Sisters to chatter with. This point of interest is definately a bright sunny spot as well.