Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm working on...

Those posts on slip and glide in conditioners...
Those posts on physical exfoliants in our facial scrubs...
A recipe for a foaming facial cleanser using foaming silk surfactant...
A recipe for a leave in conditioner with volumizing complex...
Research on and recipes playing with ingredients like mallow, ginger, and pomegranate extracts...
Stuff about substituting ACI and decyl glucoside in surfactant blends...
All kinds of stuff on altering pH in our products...
Your e-mails and comments...

I just need quiet time to write! I am only able to get it in snippets right now, and I need a few hours to get into the flow of it. (I admit I've been doing things like sending out the e-books while waiting in line for steeped tea at a Tim Horton's or answering comments while doing floor exercises at the gym! I can blog and do the bridge - why not?) I have at least fifteen unfinished posts waiting for things like pictures, reviews from testers, or data sheet links.

I should get some time tomorrow or Friday, I hope. If you have written to me in the last two weeks, I ask for your patience. I have received your messages and I will respond to them in chronological order. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of upcoming projects...and one of my dog in the workshop!


Ingrid said...

Hi Susan (The Whirlwind)

Thanks so much for your total dedication to help educate myself and many others in creating these marvelous products!

I only want to ask where you find all these wonderful bottles you picture on your blog? I have checked many websites and just can't seem to find them. Any hints?

Cheers, Ingrid -
a total groupie :-)

Yvonne said...

You are very rude, HAJJ UMRAH, to post your advertising...stick your flights and don't bother coming back!!!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Yvonne! Thanks for chasing them away! I am getting so much spam lately, and I can't keep up with deleting it some days!

Hi Ingrid! I get all my bottles from either Voyageur Soap & Candle or Aquarius Aroma & Soap. (See links on the right hand side of the blog!) I love their stuff! The foamers are from Voyageur!

Lucy Townsend said...

Total addict to your blog :-) I'm a newbie to actually making, although I've done years of reading....! Just started experimenting with shampoo. I've really sensitive scalp so have stuck to decyl glucoside and c.betaine but find it's a bit slimy and hard to foam...What is the next in the mild surfactant stakes I could use..? Are there any foam boosters? Many thanks for any help, I know how busy you are ,thanks Lucy. :-)

melian1 said...

thx for the info on the bottles!

ok, i've made my first exfoliating facial cleanser and have a question. i went for the chemical exfoliation (well, i did both but don't have a question about the other one). should i post it on that blog, email you, or ? it is quite exiciting to make these, lol.

i don't know where you get all the energy your life requires, or where you find the time to do it all. i'm just glad you are willing and able to do this blog. it is an amazing education and resource. thank you!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Lucy! I would like to answer your question in the Weekend Wonderings on February 23 or 24th. In the meantime, check out the surfactants setion of the blog. (The short answer is that most of our surfactants are considered mild to gentle, so pick just about anything!)

Hi melian! Write to me, post a comment - either way, let me know what's on your mind! I am eager to know what you think!

I admit that going to classes in the morning is messing up my schedule more than going in the evening, but I can't think past about 4 pm, so it is better for my learning and grades!

Michele Clarke said...

Anyone have a packaging supplier in the US? I had one but they are unreliable but the prices are nice.

Take your time Susan! ;-) I will be making soap very soon. My Bramble Berry order was shipped.

My husband needs more conditioner and I need more lotion. Busy busy busy.

BTW Loving Rice bran oil in my lotion.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Ingrid and Michele! I put your questions in today's Weekend Wonderings and asked people to suggest places to get packaging!

I adore rice bran oil. It seems like the perfect balance of slippery and dry and light and slightly heavier, and it contains a ton of great things. Plus, it's inexpensive and available everywhere. I love that stuff!

As well, Lucy, look for your question there as well!

Michele Clarke said...

My latest lotion. I tried some extracts before but used the wrong fragrance and never used it. I wanted to target acne, age spots, keratosis pilaris, and eczema in one lotion. This is my 2nd lotion using some amts of butter. Love it.

Heated Oil:

Cetyl alcohol 3%
Shea butter 5%
Oils: 2% Sunflower & 4% Rice bran=6%

Heated Water:

Water 56%
Hydrolyzed Protein oats 2%
Glycerin 3%

Cool down:

Willow Bark Extract 3%
Panthanol 3%
Silicones 2%
Green Tea Extract 2%
Avena Oat Extract 2%
Licorice Root .25% and Evening Primose Extract 1.75% (Time to use what's left)
Polyquat 1%
Antioxidant Synergy Blend .3%
Curcuma Xnathorrhiza CO2 Extract .15%
Fragrance and Preservative 1%

sweeteababy0427 said...

Hi Susan:

I've been reading your blog for years. I was wondering could you do a post on making a foam hair mousse. I tried making one with:

71.5% Water
20% NatureSilk from Ingredients to Die For
5% Polyquaternium 11 (thinking about using Polyquat10)
1.5% Preservative
2% Panthenol

But it came out a little thick and didn't foam much using the foam pump.

Thanks for your help.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Michele! I like the look of your recipe! It sounds like it would be a dry feeling product with nice amount of oils and barrier ingredients. Just curious - what is the curcuma xnathorrhiza CO2 extract? It sounds like a root based extract, but I'm only guessing! Where did you get it?

Hi Sweeteababy0427! What is Nature Silk? Can you share a bit more information, such as the INCI name? What is the goal of this product? What ingredients foam? And I wouldn't use that much polyquat anything in a leave in product as it can get really sticky. Think more about 0.5% to 1%, 2% at the most!