Thursday, January 31, 2013

These are a few of my favourites things! Morning routine

I started thinking about the products I use every day when Lise asked me about my preferences, so I thought I would share my daily routine. What I use changes by season, weather, and whim, so this is what I'm loving on January 31st, a generally very wet time in south west BC. (I'm still a bit under the weather with the tail end of this flu, so I'll be posting a few of these posts until I can get into the workshop next week!)

The alarm goes off and I spend a minute or two trying to figure out how to turn it off so my husband isn't awoken again...Okay, I'm up now! Into the kitchen - turn on the kettle, let my Blondie dog out for a few minutes, grab the paper, and check my email. I send out e-books and read and respond to messages. If I'm up early enough, I can write a blog post!

I brush my teeth, then wash my face with foaming facial wash. (I love this version with grape seed, chamomile, and green tea extract, but the dissolved powders can clog up the small foamers I love at the moment.) I apply anti-perspirant. I get dressed and go to the gym (5 or 6 mornings a week. I tried going in the evening, but I'm too hyper when I'm done and there are too many people there! Morning works best!)

I work out - full workout with weights for 90 minutes or aquafit - then a shower. I don't like to wash my face again, so I have a quick spritz of this toner to make my skin feel clean. I've included a ton of extracts to reduce inflammation and redness, and I'm always red-faced after a good land workout!

I love my shampoo bar - although the next version will have some stuff to help with the pool chemicals - and I'm loving this conditioner! I reduced the Ritamulse BTMS-225 to 3.5% and increased the water by 3.5% to compensate.

Body wash is essential, and this version is the one I use almost year around. I love the water soluble Shea butter, but PEG-7 olivate or another water soluble ester works really well! And I find the cationic polymer is great for that post-shower conditioning.

If I shower at home, I need my sugar scrub - I love this one right now - and foot scrub bar. If I'm at the Y, I take my body scrub bar so I don't have to lug around my 16 ounce plastic jar. (There isn't point in putting my scrub in anything smaller because I tend to abuse this stuff, and 4 ounces wouldn't get me through a week!)

Finally, I spray my hair first with this leave in conditioner then the anti-frizz spray. I alter my leave in conditioner throughout the year to add a little more conditioning when I'm swimming more, a little more detangling in the summer when I sweat more and find huge knots just above my neck, and a little more Incroquat CR when the humidity is low and I need more anti-static action! I don't alter the anti-frizz spray: My my hair will absorb any water it can!

Can you spot the two things I didn't make in this story?

Join me tomorrow for the rest of my exciting day!


melian1 said...

toothpaste & antiperspirant, lol

Mychelle said...

Toothpaste & antiperspirant!

Catherine said...

I remember reading that your shAmpoo needs EDTA if you're swimming A lot so I always looked for it when I bought shampoo and now I always add to the shampoo I make. Would be curious to see if EDTA would work in a shampoo bar.

I miss aqua aerobics at the gym but gym membership not in our budget right now. I walk at the track next to my son's school for 30 min, cool down 5 min, stretch 5 min, then do some sit-ups. Done in under an hour. 3 days a week at home I do free weights, about 15 min. has great safe free workout videos. Just curious what everyone else's workout is like.

Ok, not to brag :) but ive lost 15 lb and more importantly my cholesterol is back down to 175 because

. Regular exercise
. Doing the doctor oz vegan cleanse 3 consecutive days a week.

Been doing this consistently the last 2 months and I'm so happy my cholesterol back to normal. Thought I'd share. Sorry if it's too much of a digression. :)

Lise M Andersen said...

you don't do your own deodorant? Really?? :) Thanks for this great post. It's great letting your readers have a peek at your everyday!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Good catches! I can make deodorant, but with the working out, I smell so much that anti-perspirant is a better choice.

Catherine: Great job! I haven't had my blood tested in a while, but it's coming up. I'm eager to see what it says. I'll let you know!

I have a free membership through university with the local leisure centre, but I like the supportive atmosphere of the YMCA.

And I'm going to make some shampoo with EDTA later this week. Look for updates!