Friday, January 4, 2013

Only you know what your skin can handle!

I'm not trying to be mean when I say I can't come up with oil combinations for you because I really can't! It's all about your individual skin's preferences and sensitivies, and learning what you can handle can take some serious time!

If an ingredient is acnegenic, it can take up to seven days for a pimple to appear, which means you might have to spend week after week learning what makes your skin break out. And what you love today might make you break out tomorrow as our skin goes through some interesting changes from season to season and as we age. The sebum in our skin decreases as we age, so something you hated at 20 might be your best friend at 45!  Make really detailed notes about everything in the product to see if it's really that ingredient that bothered your skin or hair!

When I say it's hard to formulate facial products I really mean it - it takes time and re-formulating quite a few times to hit on the right product for your skin type. You will "waste" ingredients and create failed batches, but think about what you can learn as you make those products and monitor your skin. No one can teach or show you those things, so hang in there and recognize that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes! Keep your products simple so you can figure out what did what to your skin and keep the best notes you can!

*I don't believe in the idea of wasting ingredients. It's all about trying new things and learning from your mistakes. If you don't try, you don't learn, and if you spend all your time trying to avoid using your ingredients, you'll never make anything. Order more than you need so you can accept that you will be throwing some away and you'll learn so much! You will learn so much more by trying things in your workshop than you will ever learn by reading! 


Michele Clarke said...

This is so true! I was avoiding ingredients b/c I hate wasting too. You don't know till you try. Just love your posts!

Anne-Marie said...

Such a true idea. Each individual is different and knowing what you skin can handle is so important.

catherine said...

I recommend a 0.01 scale to save money. You can experiment in 10 gram increments, so even with very expensive extracts/antioxidants it's not not too expensive to experiment.

Super wicked aesthetician said...

There is so much to figuring out what a person's skin needs "at that time". We are always changing. What medications are you taking? What did you use on your skin last week? Where are your hormone levels at? What is your stress level on a scale of one to ten. And then always rememing that our bodies are always changing! Facial diagnosis is tough even for experts. We have to ask ALL the right questions! And truly listen to all the answers! Mostly we need to listen to what isn't being said. My hat is off to the formulators! The only way to learn is to do! Oh sure we can read. But we all know that the proof is in the doing! And redoing LOL

Happy formulating everyone!
Susan yoU are sooOOOOOoo APPPRECIATED!!