Sunday, December 9, 2012

Melt & pour soap: Aren't these adorable?

I'm having a love affair with these little melt & pour soaps this week! I bought the clear, low sweat melt & pour from Voyageur and I can't believe how adorable these soaps look. I went through almost ten pounds of the clear and white in the groups this week!

Be careful, though: Some of the kids wanted to eat them! (I guess that's what I get for doing half the class chocolate making, half the class soap making!)

Melt & pour is kind of a gateway project for a lot of us who make bath & body products. We might start off making it, but it seems like we abandon it when we find other things. I think melt & pour soaps are a lovely addition to a bath and body package you might make as a present!

If you want to make some melt & pour soap yourself, click here for a ton of links and ideas! You really have to check out the stamped soap technique Anne-Marie of Soap Queen created. It is gorgeous!

As an aside, school is over for me - I had my exam on Saturday - and I'm off work for THREE WEEKS as of this Friday, so there'll be more blog posts to come later this week and next! Hope you're enjoying some serious holiday crafting! 


Anonymous said...

How sweet:)


Lise M Andersen said...

As they say here in Denmark '2 souls - one mind' . Translation: I'm totally on the same page right now too! I just tried melt and pour for my first time and it was a blast. You've inspired me to photograph them and show them off in a blog post. :)

Anonymous said...

enjoy your time of from school and work, rest, fun, rest, fun,rest,rest.