Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hodor! Hodor! Hodor?

Although I've finished A Song of Ice and Fire for now (aka Game of Thrones), I'm still in love with Hodor. There is a particularly awesome passage in A Storm of Swords that made me fall for this gentle giant. A thunderstorm has made Hodor particularly upset. He is running about yelling, "Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!" and so on. Bran yells out, "Hodor! Stop Hodoring!" And the love affair began.

Come to craft group or games night or read one of our Facebook posts for Rated T for Teen. You'll see us yelling Hodor! at each other. We text it, we e-mail it, we shout it to the skies when we're happy! We use this term in our daily lives now for those times when someone - usually my dog - is running around in circles not getting much done. I use it to mean that my brain is spinning in circles and really isn't going anywhere. We shout it because it gets too quiet in the group. I text it to my friends to say hi. I'm even answering my phone this way. "Hodor! It's Susan!" Very few of the kids have actually read Game of Thrones, but they do enjoy the hodoring!

I love the George RR Martin has given Hodor a personality, despite the fact his only dialogue is Hodor!  
"Hodor!" Hodor said enthusiastically
"Hodor?" Hodor questioned. 
"Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!" Hodor yelled. 

It just feels like a Hodor-y kind of day. We have Rated T for Teen at 1:30, which means video game fun. I'm really enjoying the Just Dance series of games for the Kinect, and we just downloaded Gangnam style! I have to remember to wear shorts today 'cause the library gets a little warm this time of year!

As a note, we pronounce Hodor as if it rhymed with odour. I think it's meant to be Ho-dor! But I like it better this way. 

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