Saturday, December 22, 2012

Facial products: Scrubs!

Rosi suggested we take a look at making some facial scrubs, and I thought we'd start with some oil based scrubs then move to some surfactant based ones after Christmas. As usual, let's review what we should know before we start!

Why use a scrub? What's the goal of this product? The goal is to exfoliate our skin, removing all those horrible dead cells and dry patches, and to moisturize afterwards.

Can we use a emulsified sugar scrub, like one of these? Or an oil based scrub, like one of these (scroll down)? Sure, some skin types might be able to handle the extra scrubbiness of a sugar or salt scrub, but some might find them a bit too scrubby and exfoliating. For a facial scrub, we want to choose different exfoliants, ones that are nicer to our delicate facial skin.

What kind of scrub should we choose? There are five different scrubs I can think of....

1. Oil based scrub. A bunch of lovely oils and an exfoliant. Best for dry skin, probably not a good idea for oily or acne prone skin.

2. Emulsified scrub. This one contains an emulsifier so it rinses off cleaner. Best for dry skin, probably not a good idea for oily or acne prone skin. This type would include scrubs in jar or bar form.

3. Lotion based scrub. Make a lotion, then add your scrubbies to it. Ensure you are using exfoliants that won't dissolve in water. You can rinse this off or wash it off. Good for dry or normal skin, might work for oily or acne prone skin if you're using a suitable lotion - perhaps an oil free lotion? The nice thing is that you can use any lotion you like, even one you purchased or made months ago, and you can add the exfoliant to whatever amount you wish to use that day.

4. Surfactant based scrub. Again, ensure you aren't using scrubbies that might dissolve in water. This one is definitely a rinse off product. Good for normal to oily skin, probably not great for dry skin as you might want more moisturizing. You can add the exfoliant to a product already made or one you purchased.

5. Soap based scrub. Made with a lovely liquid soap, this one is good for all skin types, although dry skin types might want more moisturizing. Can be made as you need it and you can add scrubbies to an existing product.

I think I've covered all the types - did I miss something? Let me know! 

You can include all kinds of exfoliants in our products, so let's start tomorrow by looking at various exfoliants and what we could do with those!


Sciarretta Farms said...

Long before I started making my own, I tried a lovely oil-based scrub with kaolin clay and apricot kernels I think. It worked great for my normal to dry skin.

As for emulsified scrubs, they seem to separate on me as soon as they get used. Not too happy with those.

Lotion-based scrubs sound interesting, I think I might try that. A liquid soap based one would sting like crazy if you got it in your eyes, not sure that would be so nice.

Lise M Andersen said...

Hi Susan, I'd love to hear detail on the exfoliants. There is a huge difference in what one can successfully use on face vs body, and it is my impression that a lot of people don't differentiate.

Oh and Merry Christmas :)

p said...

Hi Susan! I make a lovely facial scrub that has oats, clay, milk powder, a tiny tiny amount of sugar, and lavender (or other herb) powder. It's a dry scrub, to which the user adds a bit of water to form a paste. Essentially it's clay- and oat-based. I think that falls outside your rubric, but it does work quite well!

Happy holidays!!