Monday, November 26, 2012

Sponsored by readers like you: Wrapped wire rings!

We had an amazing donation last year of over 200 spools of copper wire, so we had some serious fun on Thursday making wrapped wire rings! We've made a few things from this wire - we learned how to make our own eye pins and loops, as well as clover leaf loops back in May - and we're making more next week!

Want to make a ring for yourself? Try it! You will be surprised at how easy and beautiful these projects can be! A spool of wire - we used 20 gauge, but you could go as low as 18 gauge - from a craft store, a pair of wire cutters, a pair of pliers, and a wooden dowel is really all you need. I bought a 3/4 inch dowel for a size 7 to 8 ring. The 5/8 inch dowel is around a size 5 ring, suitable for small fingered people and children!

This is probably my favourite tutorial for a bead in a wire wrapped ring. So easy to understand! And here's another step by step tutorial from Fusion Beads! (Click here for the listing of all their wire wrapping ideas!) Awesome!) And this is a good video tutorial for a ring with a bead in it! One of the things to keep in mind is that you want to make the ring a size bigger than you want it in the end. This is why I suggest getting the 3/4 inch dowel - it'll work for most ring sizes. And if you need it smaller, then wrap some masking tape around the dowel and make it smaller! If you have $4 and a jewellery store nearby, get a mandrell and make the rings on that. If not, then a round wooden thingie is just what you need!

What's this all about? I like to share with you what we did in craft group this week! Our groups are sponsored by readers like you through the donations you make for the e-books! (Click here for more information on our youth programs!) When you donate for one of the e-books - Lotionmaking 101, Formulating & Creating Lotions, Hair Care Products: Shampoos & Conditioners, or Back to Basics - all the proceeds go to support our youth programs at the Chilliwack and Yarrow libraries. Without you, the groups wouldn't exist, and we really can't thank you enough for all your support!

Let's see what you can make!

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