Thursday, November 8, 2012

A few thoughts for November 8

Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me. Wow! I didn't realize you cared so much, and I really am blown away! I'm still trying to process my thoughts and responses, but you have really helped me figure things out. This blog ain't going anywhere! (There wasn't a risk of me not writing this any more, but I think the break will be long enough to get through my midterm on Monday!) I'm feeling quite renewed! Thank you so much for your kind words and support.

As an aside, I ran outside without my shoes to clean out the car in anticipation of a car full of kids after games night tonight, and I almost froze to death! We've gone from a balmy 14C to 3C overnight. The cars are covered in a really thick frost and the ground is freezing! At 5:45 am, the sky is clear and hundreds of stars are twinkling above my house. It is silent outside, the birds still hunkered down for the night. I think I might wear pants today!

Lest you think I'm running around Chilliwack in my underpants - Wow! There is an image only my husband could love! - I generally wear shorts or Capri pants. I'm thinking of wearing long pants. Nah! It's not THAT cold yet!

I think this calls for a Game of Thrones reference! (Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with a Song of Ice and Fire? I just started book 5!)


Madeaj said...

We do care. I was talking to my sister about Susan and her experiments with Cera Bellina and how I wanted to get some and run a few experiements of my own. I told her about other things you have done too. After a few minutes of talking, I noticed she was looking at me strangely. I stopped talking and she said. "Who is Susan again?" "Does she work with you?" I realized I'd been talking like you lived down the street instead of 3000 miles away. She said, "Oh, that Susan!" Then she shook her and kept listening. My sister is good like that. lol

Anyway, thanks. Good luck on the midterm and that is COLD to me. It is 12C here and I've put gloves, a wooly hat, scarf and my thermal coat on to go outside.

Tara said...

You're SO lucky to be able to dress lightly most of the year! We just got about 31 cm of snow in 24 hours in Edmonton, and it doesn't seem to be stopping! Well, could be worse -- could be a hurricane :-/
Keep your chin up Susan, and obviously there are WAY more of us who love you than those who do not!

sfs said...

I don't get HBO so my son made me start reading the Game of Thrones series. Now my poor Nook is burning up! I just started Dance with Dragons.

BTW, I'm not going to tell you all what temp. it is here in LA! ;)

Starfire said...

Now I really need to memorize the metric system!

Mychelle said...

We had a Hsunted Oasis Bellydance showcase last month and a dancer performed to the Game of Thrones theme song. It was very cool. I'm glad you're feeling supported Susan. We love you a lot. :)

SarahF said...

You go, girl, that's the fighting spirit!

It's actually a bright, slightly cold Autumn/Fall day here in the UK!

Formulator Sample Shop said...

I do care as well.
You have plenty of readers that do care!

Sofia said...

Even i mostly prefer to not comment i feel like saing this time.

I do care!

I would not survive a day without reading your blog. You are fantastic Susan.

Take care,

Sofia from Sweden

Acuchica said...

Susan, you are greatly appreciated here in Texas! It's okay to disagree but it's tiresome to all of us when one person decides to be venomous and egotistical in their letters to you. Their information was less food for thought than it was upsetting... considering its presentation. What they lack in social skills was not made up for in the information they presented. I hope that those people will either move on or, like another reader suggested, get their own blog.
Keep up the good work!

melian1 said...

i care! lots and lots of us out here who do. some folks are like emotional vampires, they suck off your eneregy by making you feel bad.

emeril lagasse (has a cooking show on food network) handles people like that. he tells them "get your own show!" well, next time someone goes at you, as an answer, tell them "get your own blog!"

the rest of us are still here, learning, reading, and loving YOUR blog.

Evik said...

!!!THUMBS UP!!! :) Happy that you continue!

Your faithful and loyal reader!