Thursday, November 1, 2012

A few thoughts for the first day of November

Wow! How did it get to be November? That means that we are only 55 days away from Christmas! (I am not too early! We have had nog in the shops for at least a month and I heard two different versions of Jingle Bells in Michael's!)

So what are you making for Christmas? I have quite a list going, but I know I'll have to pare it down to actually get half of it done. Share your thoughts and links because we're always up for great ideas!

Please don't try something you've never made a week before you want to give it. When it comes to bath and body products, giving things time is essential. And make sure you find good recipes that work well. Read comments and reviews before trying them!

Another aside...Just because something works for you, it doesn't mean it will work for other people. I'm thinking about both product creation and product usage.

This is why we follow the good manufacturing processes - look for the basic lotion making process in the list of ingredients or the FAQ. This ensures we all get good results from a recipe. We all have different hands - I might measure on the low side while you tend to go a bit high - but we can get basically similar results if we follow the same procedure. (Almost every product fail I am sent is due to a failure to heat and hold!)

For product usage, I'm thinking about recent comments I've seen about using baking soda as a cleanser and conditioner washing. If these methods work for you, that's great. But they will not work for everyone.

As an aside to the aside...I appreciate your passion for this topic, but I am growing weary of the rudeness. For the record, calling my blog "misguided ramblings", accusing me of "spreading misinformation", and calling me ignorant is rude. If I said these things about you, you wouldn't like it, so why do you think I might? Calling me defensive doesn't change your inconsiderate behaviour.

Things will be less busy around the Point of Interest household next week, and I have a ton of topics in mind as well as many many half finished posts. Enough from me...Have a great November 1st!

A quick update: I really hope this post didn't come across as fishing for compliments! I really appreciate your very very kind words. I'm a bit overwhelmed by your wonderful comments! Thank you!


Organa said...

Hello Susan was already missing your posts, great learning with you.
It will always be remembered.

Ruth said...

I have been missing your post to..
I know you have a life besides posting things to help us..
But I it is the first thing I check in the morning.
I think I smile, and don't even realize, when I see a new post.
Your comment in todays post.. "I am growing weary of the rudeness. For the record, calling my blog "misguided ramblings", accusing me of "spreading misinformation", and calling me ignorant is rude"

They have to be jealous..old nags, that have no joy in life...please don't let a few, take away the joy for so many...
We love you Sockmonkey..
I wish there was some way to show you how much your posts are appreciated.

Ruth said...

Edited for the above post..
I don't know what I was thinking...
I know your name is not

Beth said...

Well, I believe you (this blog) have been one of the best things thats happened to me this year! so thank you ever so much for sharing all you knowledge and passion and time with us! I have grown from my first (slightly weird) tries at lotion and cream making, to feeling quite confident and really enjoying the process. As for ideas - here in southern hemisphere its turning summer - which means heat and sweat :( So, I thought of turning the basic face moisturiser recipe into a mattifying cream/lotion ( by perhaps adding some rice starch? I just don't know when or how or how much or if this could even work?

Anonymous said...

People are realliy sending you negative comments? SERIOUSLY? Don't let it stop you for one second!
I for one, think you are one of Canada's National Treasures! I have learned so much and continue to learn so much from your posts - and I know others have too.
We love you and appreciate your tremendous knowledge base and your ability to communicate with so many of us via your blog!
Just delete those people and continue to move forward!
I know, that I, like so many others, make your blog and must see and read each day as we slog through our own lives of good days and bad, it's just a wonderful place to come to read, to learn and to totally enjoy you!
Hang in there! Chin Up! You are APPRECIATED!!
(my studio go flooded during Sandy and is smelling kind of like an oyster - but my stuff is all ok and waiting my next new product experiment!!)

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me that there are people out there who want to take away the joy of others. I think there are a lot more of us who are appreciative of your teachings thant there are of those who want to trash it. Please know that your blog has been awesome and has taught me SO much. I love reading it...sometimes I read a post several times. :o) I do hope that you don't let them get to you. Take care and I look forward to your future posts!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Just a quick comment - thank you for your support. Yes, people can be mean, and some get meaner when you ask them to be nice. One person posted a recipe in a comment, saying "much better than the guess work on this site", came back a few times to comment that people shouldn't waste time trying my recipe, then stormed off when I called him/her on it claiming my bullying was so bad, it brought up memories of high school torment. Another made quite a few of the comments I wrote about, then had her friends visit to tell me the comments weren't rude, that I was being defensive, and that people had a right to make these kinds of comments in a public forum. I get it all the time. I admit it has taken some of the enthusiasm out of writing the blog. I try not to give them power, but it is hard not to be affected by it. (When I told one woman I didn't have time to engage in yet another debate about natural stuff, she gave me advice on how to relax and destress.) I realize there are people who don't like the blog or my philosophy, but I'm not sure why they can't just leave and read another blog. Why insult me on the way out? (Wow! That wasn't short at all! I think I needs to process my feelings about this. Thanks for listening!)

Stacey Neuhaus said...

Please don't give those narrow minded haters a second thought. People who live their life to project their negativity and bad manners on others will get what's coming to them. Karma.

You do amazing work for yourself. But what's even better is that you share it with your readers. You don't have to do that but you do. And it's very, very appreciated. And valued.

Your blog is THE go to resource for newbies and experienced lotion crafter.

Please keep up the amazing work. And let me sincerely thank you for it!

Eileen said...

I LOVE your blog and have learned so much from it! Don't let the rude ones bother you for a second. I think with online comments, people write things they would never say to someone's face. It's the coward's way to feel important.

Lise M Andersen said...

Ohmygosh and you still have unmoderated comments? I'm totally impressed with your patience! I have luckily only had a very few unkind words posted on my blog.

It saddens me that some people will assume the worst about anyone they don't agree with and start to get personal instead of entering an open-minded exchange where both parties might actually learn something.

When did it become cool to proudly display a lack of intelligence?
Just asking...

Have a good one Susan.

Julie said...

I remember the comment about the "guesswork" of this site. Which was really stupid because that post was about the CHALLENGE of duplicating Lush's Shower Jellies. Which hello, obviously doesn't include the percentages in the ingredient label. That's the whole point of trying to recreate something. You have to GUESS what the percentages are. What a dummy.

I can't even believe people are making such rude comments. What jerks. You give SO much of your time up for us and share some pretty incredible knowledge. I don't see how the hell someone could get mad at that. Some people are just assholes.

catherine said...

Ditto what everyone else said! I know ur philosophy re unmoderated comments but I really don't consider it (moderation) as an infringement on free speech. After all u set the tone for ur own blog.

I hope anon's studio ok post-sandy. I'm also just intrigued she (or he!) has a studio! This might be weird but I think it would be neat to see pics/tips from everyone's studios.

Mine is a bunch of boxes. No space for studio. :) Curious to see how everyone else organizes things.

Aljonor said...

hey Susan:

I wanted to express my deepest thanks to your blog. When I was trying to find a place where I could make my own conditioner, I searched effortlessly. Then I found your blog. I learned the basics and purchased three books from you as I believe that you were the only one who was giving your best information. I understood that the information you gave was information, which cut out the guess work for me. Even though I modified my formulations from yours, that was the point. You wanted people to discover their unique creations. I used your information as my foundation, even trying your basic recipes and then adding my own taste. Upon reading your blogs, I was able to search for ingredients that may help me. You do more than just blog, but you offer information that many people would charge for and give less. People who have negative views are those who may want easy and fast answers to their problems and they want it free. I learned very fast that you must take information and make it your own. You offer more than anyone could and it has helped me a lot. I have attached two pictures of before and after and sent it to your email so you could see the difference you made in my life. So honesty forget those people, they are not utilizing the information for their benefit and blaming you. I am proof that your information is very helpful and much needed.

Aljonor (mm)

catherine said...

Wow! How great! I would love to see aljonor's before/after pics!

Valerie said...

I just have to jump on the bandwagon and express my gratitude for this blog. You have taught me how to confidently craft wonderful lotions. If I were to buy a manufactured lotion that used the ingredients I do it would cost a fortune. So thank you so much for handing back to me one of life's little luxuries.

LeKenda said...

This is the first time I ever posted but I feel so moved to say....

Don't worry about them. Look I love natural ingredients and I truly focus on making my products as natural as possible (hence the reason I have wasted many a batch of shampoo avoiding the use of PEG 150 and your beloved Crothix but I have finally did it!)but there is a limit between using and making natural items and well, stupidity.

I help run a natural hair page and the disputes I have over the use of baking soda in a hair care regimen and this was BEFORE I know some of your "followers" was bashing your head over it.

So you may use any of the following that I will list as reasons NOT to use baking soda as your hair cleanser (but being the smart woman that you are I am quite sure you have said some of this things already)

If it can clean your toilet it shouldn't be used to clean your hair. Baking soda is an abrasive which is why is works so well as a bathroom cleaner. Abrasive items should not be used on the fine fiber we call our hair.

Use of an alkaline material (yes I know it is a solid but when diluted in distilled water it is VERY alkaline) in your conditioner raises the pH and can start all types of chemical reactions and set you up for scalp problems. Our skin (including our scalp) likes to be acidic to help ward off infection once you raise the pH of the scalp= trouble with a capital T. In addition the alkaline material is very similar to the basic premise behind all those perms and relaxers (and you said you didn't want to use chemicals on your hair)

For curlies (that would include me!) you invite more frizz AND more weathering of the hair.

And so the list goes- typically they stop me after the toilet bowl cleanser thing. Can we say "Ewwww?!"

Lastly, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Your misguided information only seem so those who have been lost all their life and didn't realize. I see a true scientific method in your line of thinking and that appeals to medical side.

So please continue to write and continue to scold those who put something out on the market that could potentially harm quite a few people.

Michele Clarke said...

Oh I so miss your posts! Without you I wouldn't have figured out Carrot extract gives me WONDERFUL curls! You inspire me and many others. Heck even ramble posts inspire me.