Monday, October 22, 2012

Confounding factors or why we need to test our products for a while

My hair always feels softer after washing it on Monday morning. Why? It could be that I always use my intense conditioner on Monday. It could be Monday is exfoliation day (I do love my sugar scrubs!), which means the conditioner stays on my hair longer or that the ends of my hair get some of the cocoa butter from the scrub on it. Or it could be the day on which I try out new products I made on the weekend. Or it could be I don't go in the pool that day. Or it could be the morning I daydream or sing all of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the shower, leading to longer hair conditioning time.

There are tons of factors that could account for me having softer hair on a Monday, and it is hard to know exactly which one is key. Which is why you really do need time to test your products.

It could be that new cleanser is making you break out or it could be the oil you had on your hands after making bread. It could be your hair really hates that new shampoo or you might be drier than normal due to low humidity. It could be that new body butter makes your skin feel really moisturized or it could be the inclusion of glycerin.

Give your products time and document everything you might think important to know - the more data, the better!


canfieldfive said...

This is so true! With the conditioner tests I did, I made enough so that my Mom and I could both use it for three weeks. It accounted for all the different circumstances I could think of that would effect our hair. :-)

Littlebird said...

Excellent advice. I try and only ever make one change at a time to anything I make, and I try to only use one new product at a time so I can better guess whether it is responsible for the ensuing results.

My newest shampoo bar is an example of this. Holy cow does my hair love this formula, at least at the moment. I can conclude that this is the shampoo bar's work as I have used nothing else new on my hair, or body, and the result have been consistent over the last 2 weeks of use.