Friday, October 5, 2012


Anyone else suffering with this cold from hell? It hit me out of the blue on Tuesday and I've been off for the last few days, even cancelling craft group last night! I know I have to rest - it is the only real treatment for a cold - but it's so boring!

Keep those comments and questions about conditioner coming! As for me, I plan to spend today and tomorrow in the couch reading Game of Thrones and watching season 10 of 90210.

Here's a random picture of a ring one if the teens from my craft group taught me to make on Tuesday. (I'm encouraging the kids to teach some classes, and this one was about wire wrapping!) I'm calling it my spiral arm galaxy ring! (I can post a link to a pattern if you want to make your own!)


Maggie Ghanem said...

Feel better soon!
-Maggie Ghanem

Julie said...

I just wanted to drop in and let you know I made another conditioner with cetyl alcohol added and I love this one too! I forgot to mention in my first comment that the first conditioner I made I used Spearmint & Peppermint as the EO's, and I think that is what made my hair so voluminous. Could that be right? I haven't gotten that kind of volume with this new one, but I do love the feel and the slight shine it brought to my hair. I gave some to my cousin and she loves it! She is so happy she can go several days without washing without her hair getting greasy. That is also my favorite benefit. I was going to wash my hair last night and when I took it out of the ponytail, it still looked freshly washed, so I didn't even have to wash it!

Lise M Andersen said...

Hope you are feeling better !

Madigan said...

Can I use just cationic guar (guarcat) and cetyl alchol to make a conditioner. I am running out of BTMS but I have plenty of the other two ingredients?

Are you ever going to do a series on hair styling products like hair sprays, creams, pomades, and gels.

Be well

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling much better today and are getting caught up on rest!