Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why did I buy that again? Lipidthix - making a butter!

As we saw yesterday, Lipidthix is a powder we can add to our oils to create butters out of them. Why would we want to do this? So we can have something like jojoba butter or soy butter or any other oil we like butter that we can use as something like a whipped butter or in something else, like a balm.

80% rice bran oil
20% Lipidthix

Measure out each ingredient into a heatproof container, like a Pyrex jug, and put into a double boiler. Heat until melted. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Then mix. 

Here's my problem with this process - it caused grains. As you can see from the picture, it looks like there are tiny beads in the butter. And it didn't feel very nice on my skin - the grains definitely got in the way of the skin feel! 

So I tried it again. Only this time I cooled it very quickly by putting it in the freezer. My logic was that when we want to get rid of grains in something like shea butter, we heat it up, then put it in the freezer so the various fatty acids cool quickly instead of leaving them out on the counter to cool slowly. It works with chocolate and it works with shea butter, so it should work with my rice bran oil - Lipidthix combination. 

Attempt number two - heated to 70˚C, held for 20 minutes, then into the freezer for about 20 minutes. Results? Awesome! I have a smoother rice bran butter than the grainy attempt one. I like the feel of this much better than the first one! 

I think I need to use more - 75% oil and 25% for the rice bran oil as it isn't so much a butter as Cool Whip. If we think of our butters as being something we have to work at to remove with a spoon from a container, this is more like a light and airy pudding than a whipped butter. 

As a note, your mileage may vary! It was a very warm day when I tried this - around 28˚C/82˚F - so my room temperature was well above room temperature. You will probably get different results in my workshop in the winter when the water in my double boiler freezes! 

Why do we heat and hold when we don't have water? Because I want to ensure that every ingredient is heated up to 70˚C and allowed to melt properly. If we heat our products in a microwave until they are melted or to a specific temperature, there are pockets of ingredients that might not have melted properly or might not be the same temperature as the rest of the product. If we heat and hold, we ensure that it is evenly heated and all ingredients are well melted. You can reduce the time slightly if you want, but I wouldn't go under 10 minutes after you reach 70˚C. 

Join me tomorrow to see the 75% oil experiment! 


Judy Kohut said...
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Julie said...

Susan, (and others)

I like Vegethix from The Herbarie. It is a little bit more expensive (not by much though) and I've never had problems with graininess. I find with the Vegethix, which is recommended at 20:80 vegethix:oil, that it needs much more than that to get that "butter" consistency. When I made my Almond Butter I used 35% Vegethix and it still could be a little thicker.
Here is a pic of some butters I've made with different amounts of Vegethix

Hopefully the link works. Next time I think I'll try it at 40%, that should give me the consistency I'm looking for. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

Does adding Lipidthix affect the
comedogenic rating of the oils you are using to create butters


Mychelle said...

Ah, freeze it! I've played with this a few times but my butters have always been grainy. I'll try freezing it. I do with my whipped butters but somehow it didn't occur to me here. Thanks Susan!

Kim said...

Are hydrogenated oils bad for the skin or comodogenic? Are they safe to use for the face or will it break out?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Kim. They aren't bad for the skin - otherwise, why would we use them? - and I don't think hydrogenated oils are any more comedogenic than other oils. They are safe to use on the face - again, they have to be safe or our suppliers couldn't sell them - but any oil based ingredient can cause a break out, so it's hard to say!