Saturday, September 1, 2012

We're home!

Wow, what a trip! We stayed near Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula, and it was amazing! We stayed at Old Fort Townsend state park, and, as you can see, the site was fantastic. We enjoyed camp fires, lots of hot dogs, and local fruit from the Wednesday farmer market in Port Townsend.

We spent Tuesday travelling there, Wednesday in Port Townsend - a Victorian town right on the ocean - and Thursday in Sequim (pronounced Squim) looking at the mastodon bones they found there in the 1970s. If you are visiting Port Townsend, seek out the Blue Moose Cafe at the south end of town near the Safeway at the docks for the most amazing and inexpensive breakfast you'll find anywhere!

If you get a chance to camp or visit this area, I really encourage it. The ferry from Whidbey Island was amazingly cheap - $15.50 for car and two passengers, which is about a quarter of what you'd pay from Vancouver to Victoria - and the scenery was amazing! We're going back so we can enjoy more of the local seafood and scenery!

And thanks for the advice on where to visit in Seattle. We didn't make it there as it seemed to be a very bad idea to take a ferry to downtown Seattle on the Friday of a long weekend. Traffic is bad there any time, but we thought it would be extra mega bad yesterday! We're planning a trip there before the end of the month to visit the Container Store!

Look for new posts starting tomorrow morning! I'm off work for another ten days, so there's much experimenting to be had!


Ruth said...

Glad you had a nice vacation..
And are home safe and sound.
There is nothing like a good camping trip.
That our Families favorite vacation.

Mychelle said...

That sounds so nice. I love the North coast and inland areas. From Northern CA (where I live) to Canada is such a great drive and camp trip, any route you take. It's all so beautiful!