Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why you don't want to mix too much when using foamy & lathery surfactants!

When you're making things like bubble bath, body wash, or shampoo, I encourage you to mix the product gently to avoid bubbles. Why? Because THIS happens! Two weeks later, and it still isn't clear! And I didn't think I mixed it THAT much!

When we mix too much, we get bubbles. Not a bad thing in theory, but in practice it means our product doesn't become clear and it fools us into thinking we have more product than we do as the bubbles increase the volume. Most times, the bubbles will float to the top of the product and become clear over time, but here's a bottle that didn't do that!

A study from Japan suggests that mixing in a zig zag motion with a fork is the most effective way to combine all our ingredients, so this is how I choose to mix my products. I'm not sure what happened here - I couldn't find my favourite big fork, so I used a wooden spoon, which I think is the issue - but I know I wouldn't want to give this to someone like my mom, who is very visual!


Julie said...

Spray the top with rubbing alcohol. This is a technique used in Melt & Pour Soapmaking for getting rid of bubbles. I've done it before when my surfactant mixes got too bubbly, and it pops them right away.

Ellbie said...

This is probably really dumb ... but I've always wondered... if you make your surfactant bubble during preparation - does that mean it will bubble less as a made product? I guess what I am asking is, does a surfactant have a limited amount of bubbles???

Bh Kk said...

Would you by any chance have a recipe for cleansing oil that turns soapy when in touch with water?