Monday, August 27, 2012

Any suggestions for food in the Port Angeles and Seattle area?

We're off on a camping trip tomorrow, so I turn to you for ideas for interesting meals!

We'll be cooking at the camp site, so suggestions for places to get good produce and things like cheese and bacon in the Port Angeles area would be most welcome. And if you have a suggestion for great restaurant food in that area or Seattle, please share!

In fact, if you have suggestions for north of Seattle to the border, please share as we do like day trips for lunch! I know there are great places to eat in Bellingham we haven't discovered yet!

I would love to find a place offering chicken & waffles - not spicy as I'm a total spice wuss (I use extra mild salsa as the mild stuff is a bit too hot!) - and other comfort type foods. Hot dog places would be good, as well as fish tacos. (Raymond makes awesome fish tacos, but I'm craving them today!) Stand up, sit down, take out, food carts - we don't care where we go, we just like good food!

We live near good Chinese, Indian, and Japanese places, so we thought we'd try something completely different!

And for no reason, here is a picture of the extra mild peach salsa we made on the weekend! Yum!


Sânziene şi Mătrăgună said...

no idea about the food, but HAPPY CAMPING!!!!!!!

let us know if you made any bug repellent spray or lotion that works ;)

Lise M Andersen said...

OOOh I envy you Susan! That's such a lovely area! I have family in Seattle and fell in love with it. We ate all sorts of cool places, and darned if I can remember the name of a single one- sorry! have a super time. :)

Littlebird said...

Not Seattle or anything, and I don't know if you are planning on visiting Otion but there is a FABULOUS Cajun restaurant right across the street from the store called Bayou on the Bay.

Enjoy Seattle!

Crafty Cassi said...

Hi, Im from the seattle area. I now live in florida, but as a kid my nana had taken me to Pikes Place Market in Seattle. Its so awsome. The original Starbucks is there. Its like an old school farmers/flea market. They have a fish stand and this big bell and when the workers ring the bell they start doing the fish toss, unloading the fresh fish. Its really cool because the fish are huge.
I hope you have a wonderful and safe camping trip.

Diane said...

If you do end up at the Pike St Market you just MUST check out Piroshky Piroshky bakery/deli - there are other fantastic places for ready made food and also numerous produce stands.