Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer products: Aloe vera apres sun spray

I love my summer cooling spray. It keeps me sane over the warmer months, and makes me smell like a minty Life Saver! Let's take a look at the basic recipe, then see if we can make it more awesome!

90.5% aloe vera liquid
2% sodium lactate

3% honeyquat
2% panthenol
2% hydrolyzed protein
0.5% preservative (I use Liquid Germall Plus)

Heat and hold the water phase for 20 minutes at 70C. (You can heat and hold this in a container with a very small opening so you don't lose a lot to condensation!) Remove from your double boiler and allow to cool to 45C. Then add the cool down phase, including the essential oils, if you wish. Package in a spray bottle and use as needed. (Keep it in the fridge if you want an extra cooling sensation).

As an aside, please don't interpret the concept of apres sun as meaning I'm making a claim. I'm not! I swear!

You don't have to use all aloe vera in this recipe if you're wanting a more cooling spray. In general, I like to use about 20% aloe vera, 20% witch hazel, 10% peppermint hydrosol, and 10% lavender or chamomile hydrosol, with 30% water for a cooling spray 'cause the aloe can get a bit sticky feeling. If you want something that has more aloe, then go with the recipe's suggested levels.

You can add all kinds of interesting extracts in the cool down phase. Some good choices would be chamomile extract for soothing and reducing redness, liquorice root for increasing wound healing and reducing inflammation, strawberry extract as it is showing promise in reducing freckling after sun exposure, and green tea extract for increasing the anti-oxidizing effects.

I'm using honeyquat in this recipe for both its humectant properties and moisturizing, but you could use another cationic polymer like polyquat 7 or polyquat 44, if you wish. Choose any hydrolyzed protein you like - I like oat protein, but you might like something else - or leave it out.

I love this spray and keep it and the cooling spray in my purse, car, or emergency stuff kit all year 'round. I don't tend to use the stuff with peppermint on newly sunburned skin, so I make this to be very similar to the cooling spray and leave out the peppermint essential oil!

Join me tomorrow for more formulating fun!

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