Saturday, July 7, 2012

Substituting one preservative for another

I haven't written much this week because I wanted to keep the discussion going on the two topics I posted earlier this week - why did you start making your own products? and shipping from suppliers - but I thought I'd share  a question and some thoughts I've seen or had this week!

Yes, this is Han Solo in carbonite! I found this silicone ice cube tray mold in a comic book shop about six weeks ago, and I thought it would make an awesome soap. This one was made by a young boy in our Yarrow craft group! I also found something to do with Predators and an Aliens head! 

Sara e-mailed me to ask...Here's a question for you. If a recipe suggests that I use 0.5% preservative and I want to use Geogard Ultra which has a suggested usage rate of 0.75-2%; am I supposed to use for eg. 0.5g of Geogard Ultra in a 100g recipe? Or am I suppose to make a 2% solution of Geogard Ultra (2g of Geogard in 100g of water) and then weigh out 0.5g to add to the recipe? I hope I explained this clearly. I'm getting confused just by reading it.

I write my recipes using liquid Germall Plus as my preservative. It has a usage rate of 0.1 to 0.5% in the cool down phase. If you want to use something like Geogard Ultra, you can use it at up to 2% in any phase of your product. If you're using one of my recipes, you'll have to make a small alteration if you're using a preservative that isn't liquid Germall Plus.

70% distilled water

0.5% liquid Germall Plus
1% fragrance or essential oil

If you want to use Geogard Ultra, you would alter the recipe thusly - add the 2% Geogard Ultra to whichever phase you wish, and remove the extra 1.5% from the water amount in the recipe. (Click here for more information on the water phase if you aren't really sure why I'm removing water from the recipe!)

68.5% distilled water

2% Geogard Ultra
1% fragrance or essential

Hope that makes some kind of sense!


sfs said...

Susan, please, I MUST have that Han Solo mold!! What is the name of the comic shop?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi sfs! I found it at Think Geek and Amazon. The store in which I bought it was Central City Comics in Surrey, B.C., but I don't think they do online orders.

Check out the rest of the kitchen stuff at Think Geek! And they are doing post to Canada now, instead of UPS only!