Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nifty geeky things we can use in bath & body products!

sfs asked in this postSusan, please, I MUST have that Han Solo mold!! What is the name of the comic shop?

I bought this at Central City Comics in Surrey, B.C., but I don't think they do online sales. I found it at Amazon - don't get it from because they are charging $29 for something that should be $9 - and Think Geek (who have a ton of other wonderful ice cube molds and have started offering delivery by post instead of UPS, so I can buy from them again!) They also have a wide range of other Star Wars and other science fiction things, like Batman, the Aliens head, and so on.

Here are a few other molds I think we must have in our workshops!

The pi mold!  Because nothing's sweeter than pi! This is already on my Christmas list!

Raymond and I were just joking around that we should have an Euler's number - e - ice cube tray because it's a natural number. And I think this is the moment where I am completely outed as a geek, if I haven't been already!

And look for video game related ice cube trays. We have this awesome space invader silicone tray I found at a local kitchen shop. This is a chocolate decoration on a cupcake from National Games Day!

The Ninjabread men! I have these cookie cutters and they are awesome! You don't feel bad biting off their heads!

The all edges Brownie pan is awesome! We've owned this for a few years now, and it makes the bestest Brownies. Just remember that if you're using a Betty Crocker type mix, you will want two boxes and bake for 45 minutes!

You know your workshop isn't complete without these scientific cookie cutters! I have the flask already - as part of the Wilton Hallowe'en set I bought at Michael's - but I think I need this to make cookies that we might eat in the workshop.

Okay, I admit, I can't find a use for this in my workshop. Perhaps I could shape some melt & pour soap?

If you ever want to buy me a present, this molecular gastronomy kit would be ideal. Although I have a lot of these ingredients in my workshop, I could use a set for the kitchen!

I'm going to stop now, as it seems I'm just putting together my birthday/Christmas wish list! 

As a note, I have not been compensated in any way to write about these products. I was just killing time while Raymond made French toast this morning, and I remembered that we can order from Think Geek now because they are using the post instead of UPS to send us our orders! Yay!

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