Monday, July 2, 2012

The Dish is down. Anyone know what's happening?

Our beloved Dish forum is down for maintenance, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what is happening? I put in a request to be part of the group on Saturday, but I'm still pending approval, so I'm wondering if someone who is on the Facebook group can update me on its status. I'm going through Dish withdrawal!

Have I mentioned how much I dislike Facebook? Did I actually put in a request in the right group? What is the group called? 


Unknown said...

They are doing maintenance and trying to fix the bug that messed up the search function. I will let you know soon as it is up again if you don't want to check FB.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for the update! I'd happily check the Facebook page, but I haven't been added as a member of the group, which means I don't get to see any information!

Ged said...

I too am suffering from Dish withdrawal, and I also hate facebook (though look on it as a necessary evil). I couldn't find the Dish group on Facebook at all. Last time the site was down for maintenance it took a few days ... seemed like a lifetime!

Nancy Liedel said...

I thought they were going to be up today, but as my husband says, "computer projects NEVER get done on time. Engineers give a guess, but they are seldom correct and it's almost always outside forces."

He is working on a problem now at work were a superior over-promised and he has to fix it. At least it's overtime. I can always see him another year. Kidding.

They have a site on FB, but I can't find it. I suggest reading anything you ever downloaded from The Dish and sitting on your hands. Withdrawal is horrible. I'm going through it too.

In the meantime...I need help understanding the differences and how they work of, ISOEICOSANE and, Isododecone. I have a vague understanding that I would like to be crystal clear. If you would like some of each to play with, I can send you a care package. I'd love some help on this one. I'm missing a fabulous boat, according to other formulator's I speak with. I've had it explained, but, "they are similar, but different and help things spread," is not the answer I need.

The other answers are so, "ON HIGH," that I'm talking to a Stephen Hawking of Cosmetic Chemistry. I need it in English. You know I don't ask, until I've given up, because I hate asking questions and looking like a, "Stupid Head."

Or feeling like one. :)

BTW, when one has MS, one of the first things to go is vision. Blurs on and off. That darned, not your fault, Captcha is driving me to drink. If I have it read, I can't get it either. I truly am going to smash my computer over that, one of these days.

Judith said...

Another non- FB person here, you can check at the Soap Scent Review forum, Lilli lists updates there and we non-fb's can hang out.

Jessica said...

Hi everyone another non FB person here! This is bejessie on the boards. I'm so happy I found this! I cant even FIND the fb page and the scent review forum wont allow me to use my gmail mail address. Weird! Total dish withdrawal!

Ged said...

Hi Nancy

I read an interview recently with the guy who invented Captcha and he said it's one of the things he most regretted in his life!!

Took me 4 goes before I got my previous comment up - let's see what happens with this one ...

Judith said...

Here's an update from Lilli:

July 2, 2012 5PM EDT Update:
Getting closer. Now re-constructing the post database - Recount and Rebuild Post Content, Rebuild Content.
With close to 3 million posts, this is a LOOOONG process.

This process is SLOWED DOWN further every time people click on the board to see if it's up and running.
Please don't go over to The Dish and click to see if it's up and running. It's not. You will be advised
IMMEDIATELY when it is up and running. Pass it on. Don't go to The Dish Board. Thanks,

melian1 said...

thx for the update judith. i'm on the fb group & still didn't see this. no clue why not.

the group is Soap Dish Forum

to help anyone locate it.

Will said...

Hi there.

Never being one to shy away from asking a stupid questions... (note the plural)

I was checking out Tinosan SDC/Silvérion 2400.

It says... "Silver biocides work by binding to and disrupting the bacterial cell wall, binding to the microbe's enzymes and denaturing them, which destroys the energy source of the cell, leading to rapid cell death. It also binds to DNA, thus stopping its replication."

(This is all from lotioncrafter, I don't think I'm stealing but if I am please delete the info."

Q1: Does this mean you can pop this stuff in something and it will kill the bugs? Does it make heat and hold semi-obsolete?

Q2: Would this (and a surfactant) make a good antibacterial kitchen spray/wipe?

Q3: As this has some silver, do you think it would stain (a) skin with long term use, or (b) surfaces with long term use?

Warned you they'd be stupid questions! Truth is, I can see arguments both ways for all of them.

Thanks, have a great day!


Littlebird said...

This is completely random but I am now more in love with conditioner bars than I have ever been, and I seriously loved these things from day one.

I'm having an evil allergic reaction, have been since Thursday, and what random thing has soothed the none stop itching today? My conditioner bar with grapeseed and rosemary extract. Who knew?

Nedeia said...

Phew, I just added my request to enter the FB the dish group... too bad that I do not know whom to contact in order to let them know that I am a member in there :)

Looking forward to see it up and running!! I am addicted!!!

p.s. I HATE CAPTCHA! but I know it is necessary to get rid of spammers ;)

Mychelle said...

I'm still waiting to be added to the FB group as well. It's torture! I'm having Dish withdrawals here.

Mychelle said...

I'm Earthchild on the board, btw.

TikiBarSoap said...

I don't know what is going on, but I am here to get my fix until it is up again :)

Nedeia said...

hey, look, Earthchild :-) I am so happy to see fellow dishers around here (besides Susan and Nancy :) )
who is to be contacted to match our FB identities with the Dish ones?

I need the dish :) the DISH!!!

Mychelle said...

Nedeia! I love seeing Dishers around here. I need to change my screen name to my real name so I can be identified more easily. I know, how is the FB group moderator to know I am Earthchild? I feel so left out. At least I know some of my fellow Dishers are here. Hello everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

The fact that updates are being posted to a small private group pretty much lets the rest of us know how much our participation is desired.

Littlebird said...

The latest is update is a request that everyone make sure you are logged out. For every person logged in the stage Mr Lilli is at now will take longer.

The easiest way to join the group is the friend one of the members, and then they can add you without any issues.

Always.Looking.4.1.More said...

Nancy, you can choose the audio version of Captcha and that may work better for you.

If it makes you feel any better, I can see pretty good and I have to request a new word and number view about 3+ times. Once I think I requested a new view about 7 or 8 times! Stupid Captcha!

Anonymous said...

Another non FB user here. Having withdrawls!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Another non FB user. Having withdrawls!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hate to bump this, but I don't do FB either and I am wondering what is going on with the hack to the dish. It has been over a week and it is now April 3rd 2013 :(
I hope they get up soon as I miss dishing ;)