Saturday, June 30, 2012

We be jamming!

Today's post will be delayed as we be jamming strawberries while they're still in season! We're planning to make regular strawberry, strawberry and pineapple, and strawberry with balsamic vinegar. As well, we need to make our awesome cherry relish with walnuts, which is freakin' amazing on meats or Raymond's baguettes with Boursin cheese! I'm in for a very tasty day!


p said...

Hope your canning day is going awesome so far!! Now I want to make cherry-walnut relish - sounds amazing! I love a little bit of sweet with my savory.

Will said...

Re: Strawberry with balsamic

What do you do with that?


Lise M Andersen said...

It sounds fabulous! Have lots of fruity fun!

Ruth said...

That strawberry and balsamic sounds interesting..
I love strawberry jam, and make it myself..
I love balsamic for salad dressings..
But would never of thought to add the two together..
Tell us your secret?

Nancy Liedel said...

We will forgive you...

*IF* you send us jam.


I so love Strawberry, but one of the boys is very allergic, so no jam here. Poo!!

Have fun!!! You will be so thankful for it this winter when you are having toast, jam and tea, while reading a fascinating book.

Jam and tea is always around when I read Jane Austin, or Science Fiction.