Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A few supplier updates...

Voyageur Soap & Candle is carrying cetearyl alcohol (50/50, meaning 50% cetyl alcohol and 50% stearyl alcohol).

Lotioncrafter (US) and Creations from Eden (Canada) are carrying cetrimonium chloride. And Creations from Eden are having a sale on it!

If you're interested in making deodorants, Creations from Eden (Canada) carries sodium stearate.

Oh, and Creations from Eden is carrying SCI, 85% flake, which is great for making shampoo bars! And it's also on sale!

Please note, I bring you this information as a shopper at these suppliers, not because I've been compensated in any way to write about these new ingredients, and because I've seen comments or received e-mails asking about these ingredients! Remember, if you have a supplier you like, please visit the FAQ and comment in the appropriate section (scroll down to suppliers and comment in the post on your geographical area). Your opinion really matters! 


Tara said...

Thanks to the power of YOU, these suppliers are selling ingredients that we love to use :-D

Thanks Susan!

Mychelle said...

I was so excited to see cetac at Lotioncrafter! Yea!