Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

If you're in North America, today's the day to honour your mom! I've just finished making breakfast and we're going out for a short trip to the garden store and the car wash! (I'm still in a fair bit of agony with my back, so I can't do much! Herniated disks are not as much fun as they sound!)

My mother is truly awesome! I've learned so much about parenting from her, and I use something she's taught me every day in my job as a family counsellor. She's incredibly quiet and reserved, until she says the right thing at the right time and makes everyone break out in laughter. She's an amazing dressmaker - she made every component of my lovely wedding dress and her own outfit without breaking a sweat - and she's an amazing mom! Happy Mother's Day, mom (Don't be mad at me for putting your picture on my blog!)

If you're in England, your mother's day is in March, right? 

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Nedeia said...

In Romania, it's on May 8th. Happy morher's day to all the women, we all have it in us :)