Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No post Wednesday!

Sorry for the break in the series on formulating for dry skin, but I had two youth groups last night (making draw string back packs and working on the chemistry badge for Girl Guides) and one tomorrow night (cake & cupcake decorating) and I'm really pressed for time! As well, I have my math exam next week and it's amazing how much I've forgotten in a few short months!

Here's a picture of Aquarius Aroma & Soap in Mission, B.C. I visited Monica last week to get some pipettes, some ACI, and some butter cream frosting fragrance oil. I'm loving the ACI - more about that in the next week - and the butter cream frosting smells amazing! Isn't it lovely? And it's in a great location, in the more rural area of Mission. It's her retail location, warehouse, and classroom space! Isn't it gorgeous? (It was an overcast day, hence the not so brightness of the picture!)

Are you interested in seeing what the suppliers' shops look like? If so, I can make a point of taking pictures when I visit my local suppliers like Voyageur Soap & Candle, Otion, Suds & Scents, and Aquarius! If they'll let me, that is! 


Anonymous said...

Yes I'm interested in seeing the suppliers shop. I always wonder what they look like.

Kristen said...

Oh! I love ordering from Aquarius! And Voyageur is my go-to site as well. Please take photos if you can Susan, and yell hello from Yellowknife for me!!