Sunday, April 8, 2012

A few things for a lazy Easter Sunday afternoon...

Happy Easter Sunday! I thought I'd spend the day working on various things on the blog, so I thought I'd point out a few new things I've done...Take a look to your right (or the picture on your left). You might notice there are three new sections - humectants, products for men, and surfactant based products that aren't shampoo. The men's section consists of products men have mentioned they enjoy - like drier feeling lotions, body washes, and shaving products - and the surfactant based products section consists of products like body wash, bubble bath, facial cleansers, and other things that we can make with surfactants. It's a work in progress, and only the body wash section is really complete. I figured this would make it easier to find posts on topics that interest you. I'll be adding the other product links over the next few weeks when I find time.

If you look under the skin chemistry & types section, I'm trying to categorize those products I've formulated just for that skin type, along with relevant posts. Again, I encourage you to check it out if you're looking for information on your skin type. I'll update it daily with the dry skin posts as I write them!

Just wondering, then - would it be better if I made up a list of the ingredients instead of having them on the right hand side of the blog? And would it be better to put the FAQ in this format? Please share your opinion!

And I really encourage you to read the comments made by the readers of this blog. There are some awesome questions and awesome answers, and if you have time to do so, I really encourage you to click on the header for the post and see what else has been written. I make a point of writing up some questions as posts because they are so awesome, and so many of them inspire me to write not only posts but series on specific topics! Don't hesitate to comment - and if you're going to come up as anonymous as you don't have a Blogger log in, please sign off with your name as it makes it much friendlier than "anonymous"!

Hope you're having a lovely day off, if applicable! If not applicable, then I hope you're having a lovely April 8th!


Clive said...

Shampoo formulation question:
Let's say I make a shampoo, it's roughly 7% anionic (ALS) and 23% amphoteric. Bottled, it remains the same viscosity. When I left a beaker of about half a litre out overnight, with a paper towel covering it, the following day I found the viscosity had increased to the point where I could hardly pour it out of the beaker.
Now, this shampoo was neutralised to pH7 with citric acid, and I noticed the viscosity was *decreasing* as I added more citric. So I concluded that I was moving off the salt curve to the right... (more electrolyte).
Overnight, evaporation can hardly account for much thickening. But why the huge increase in viscosity? I have concluded that it might be due to absortion of CO2 from the atmosphere, = carbonic acid. But why would a different acid, thus further decreasing the pH, lead to an *increase* - a large increase - when previously, lowering the pH decreased viscosity?
- I checked my hypothesis by blowing bubbles through a drinking straw into a sample of the original, and it thickened so quickly I only needed to blow twice, to thicken a 100mL sample to the point that it would no longer pour. But why???

Mychelle said...

I love the new links, thank you! It does make it easier to search for things like facial cleansers. I do like the ingredient links on the right, as I pop in all the time to look up a specific ingredient & they are right there. I'm grateful for the work you do Susan, thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi susan

I found your ingredients on the right *very* useful .. and saves time navigating to a list's page! Please keep them there.... it is way faster to search for them that way... thanks a lot for your hardwork