Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why neglect yourself?

I regularly see people asking if it's okay to use a failed lotion or a product without preservatives and they justify it by saying, "Well, it's just for me". Aren't you worth a good lotion, a product that is well preserved, or a product that has a ton of great stuff in it? Isn't that why we get into making our products, so we can make something lovely and decadent or decadent and affordable? Why don't you think you're worth it? 

An aside...I think the keeping of failed lotions is more about not wanting to waste ingredients. It's too late. Throw it away and chalk it up to experience so you don't make another failed lotion! 


Lise M Andersen said...

Totally agree. If you make every first batch at 100gr.. it's not enough to get upset about throwing away.

Mychelle said...

I was just saying this on the Dish the other day. I don't get it. Only the best for me and mine! Why would I want to use it if it isn't well-preserved and well-formulated? That's why I got into B&B crafting; so I could make my products better than those I find at the store, not worse!

Catherine said...

But what if it has expensive cosmeceuticals in it? Even at 100 g that can be pricey. FYI I had such a batch turn out not pretty but I'm using it.

I figure it's safe bc I used optiphen preservative at the proper amount. I just shake before each use. But if I read that doing so is not safe then I'll stop using it! Not pretty is not the same as not safe.

FYI I notice it works! I'm testing by using under one eye but not the other, and where I'm using it the dark circle and wrinkles are visibly diminished compared to the other eye.

So for me it's worth it to buy the comeceuticals myself and formulate. Even with my missteps I'm saving a fortune over what I was using before and I know the beneficial ingredients are there in the recommended amounts.

Nancy Liedel said...

If I won't put it on my special needs kids, it's not in my house. Part of research and development is learning you're going to make gaffs. Studying can help with some, but not all. You mess up, you toss it. Preservative is more important than many people think.

However, the bevy of confusing choices out there is enough to make me scream!!! I'm sticking with tried and true and experimenting with the new stuff.

My answer for Catherine is, formulate very small batches of what you plan to put the cosmecueticals in. Make it, try it, set it aside for a good bit. If it holds up, and you can get test kits in several places, so I will not share my link without Sue's permission, (although according to the FDA, you must not do your own quality testing, as far as I understand it. I get my formulas tested at an independent lab and use my test kits every now and then, to make sure everything is still going as planned).

Now you can add your goodies. It takes longer, but those buggers are indeed expensive and the formulation has to be stable as all get out for me and then the money goes in. It also has to have good efficacy with the oils and butters in water alone.

You can also buy small bowls at any grocery store. I put everything, except volatile products in those and that way I'm never off the mark. I used to be a, "Pour and pray," person. I got over that one fast.

SouL of Science said...
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catherine said...

Thanks Nancy! I would love to know where you get your test kits. I looked online and found a list of labs to send to on http://www.scconline.org/website/referrals/testing_labs.shtml. But it would be great to do testing at home if it's just for me.

An aside, I say 'just for me' not in a self deprecating way but because I'm trying to make a strong cream 'just for my' dark spots/wrinkles :)

Katrina said...

Ive been using leucidal liquid for all my lotions. so far so good. funny because if you look up the ingredient name neutrogena & johnson johnson uses it too. they have an organic version too.
i know some boards dont agree with it but i swear by it