Saturday, March 10, 2012

And this is why we need time to see what happens with our products......

This product was originally aqua coloured, and now it's an opaque green with a slightly brown tinge that you can't see in the picture. We made this Blue Raspberry fragranced body wash at the end of November with the plan of giving it out at Christmas...and by then, it had morphed into this green colour. It's no big deal for me as it still feels and smells lovely, but if you're someone who is selling a product or making something that has to be a certain colour for an event - a birthday, a wedding, and so on - this would be a catastrophe.

Fragrances and essential aren't the inert ingredients we think they are, and they can have an impact on the colour of your product. Vanilla can turn your product a browny colour (and if you've ever made bath bombs with a vanilla-y fragrance, you'll know what I mean!), and citrus fragrances can turn your product more orange than you'd intended.

This is one of the reasons you really need time if you're considering selling your products. Take a least a year to see how the products change with various fragrances or ingredients, how the preservative stands up, if you need more anti-oxidants or need to change your oils, and so on. (The other reason you need time is to learn your craft. Don't base your entire business on a recipe you didn't create yourself or one that you can't modify very easily! If you don't know how to do that, don't think about selling, please!)

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