Friday, February 17, 2012

What do you know...some answers!

Thanks so much for offering your suggestions for future posts for this blog (click here to see a list and offer up your own!) A few of your suggestions have been written about in the past, and a few might have been written about before! Here are a few for now...

A few of you have asked for information on cosmeceuticals. I did write a series on this topic last year - click here for all the posts under the label "cosmeceutical" - so can you be more specific about what you want to see? Do you want more formulations? More ideas on how to use the ingredients? (I'm going to turn this section into a list with information on things like niacinamide and ferulic acid, as well as vitamins!)

Click here for the new cosmeceuticals section of the blog! 

Quite a few of you have asked for anti-aging products. You know we can't make claims that anything we make will "will prevent wrinkles" or "make you look so young, your wife will have defend herself against accusations of being a cougar", but we could make some base products into which you could add various alleged anti-aging ingredients! I have a few (click on the cosmeceuticals section above). As well, if you're interested in learning more about specific skin types and a few suggestions for them, take a look at this section on skin chemistry to get a few ideas on what kinds of ingredients your aging, rosacea or acne prone skin might like! (And yes, these products will be suitable for men and women!)

There were a few questions about making our own emulsifiers. I'm guessing that you mean the HLB system type emulsifiers? If so, I've written about them extensively on the blog in the past. (Click here for all the HLB posts or click here to start the series (hit "newer post" to see the next one in the series)). After taking a look at those, can you advise what more I can offer in that area?

If you want to know more about mineral make-up, go no further than the section labelled MMU! I have posts on making your own base, turning a blush into a foundation, creating a base from scratch (part 1 and part 2), creating a translucent base, creating an opaque base, and so on. The mineral make-up series starts here - mineral make-up: a primer - and just click "newer post" to see the next entry in the series.

How to know when to add an ingredient to your product? Click here!

Some ideas for substituting when you don't have the ingredient I suggest? Click here for the posts I wrote on substituting! (As for your specific question about what you could substitute for cetrimonium chloride. Nothing. Nothing really replicates what it offers to you hair. You could use Incroquat CR for detangling and softening, but nothing really compares to what cetrimonium chloride brings to your product!) My goal with this entire blog is that my recipes are generic enough to allow you to make loads of changes, and that you can learn enough from the ingredient posts to figure out how to make substitutions.

I really appreciate your help on finding topics for the blog! I'm never sure if I should re-visit a topic or if I should start from scratch, and you've offered some interesting ideas! If you take a look at the links and still don't find the information you want, write to me (comment or email) and let me know!

As for the new ideas, give me a bit and I'll get to making more facial products, like eye creams and sera. Unfortunately, I can't test most of them on me as my skin really doesn't like oils, so I'll have to find some willing guinea pigs in my friends, co-workers, and family! In the meantime, here's the link to 85 facial product recipes and ingredients that might interest you!

And thanks for the idea to do some things on surfactants, Tara! You know that's one of my favourite topics!

As for the picture of the Mario mushroom, it's from a local restaurant - Seven Sushi - and the chef has been having fun with the garnishes! I just thought it was awesome! 


Evik said...

Dear Susan,

thanks for the link on all your posts concerning HLB system, but by making emulsifiers, I did not mean combining the existing ones in order to get the right HLB, but to create those that we later combine. For example, to create the sorbitan stearate, glycerol stearate, in other words, to create esters of fatty acids of which a lot of emulsifiers consist.
Check this blog:

although it is in French, try the google translate, works pretty well.


Evik said...

...on that blog, there is more posts on concrete emulsifiers, for example

ebuzzle said...

i am in love with your much great info, and useful too! i for one plan on buying all the e-books you have...they are well worth every penny and i recomend them highly!!! so far i have the lotionamaking 101 and it is awesome to have so much great info in one tangible place.

looking forward to the eye creams!

Patrick said...

On the topic of surfactants...

The 3-in-1's have been a personal favorite. Actually that's been the only thing I ever did with surfactants, and it's used almost every day. Once I had that, I didn't really need anything else.

Well, that is besides "wipes", something else we use daily.

I wish there was something hand sanitizing besides alcohol. The chemicals I've seen in other products scare the HELL out of me when I researched them. Sometimes after leaving a gym (and a communal shower), it would be nice to have something that would crush-kill-destroy.

Your 3-in-1's may have been a personal best!


Anonymous said...

My vote is for more post on cosmeceuticals- formulations ie what other ingredients plays well with them. Also how to get the most out of cosmeceuticals-ie ideas on using niacinamide for acne.

Thanks for all your help, time and effort.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Evik. I took a look at the websites you posted. Very interesting! No, I won't be making my own esters. It's cool that we can do that, but I already have trouble finding time to get into the workshop to the point where my best friend had to buy conditioner from the store the other day, so I can't see having the time to make this. It's very interesting and I thank you for sharing it, but I simply don't have the time!

Little Bird said...

I was curious Susan if you've used SCI in liquid form? Aquarius-Aroma is having issues getting it in stock due to supplier issues and I'm planning to pick up ACI and liquid SCI from them and I was curious if you've used either often.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Little Bird. SCI in liquid form is called ACI and I love it! I just bought some from Aquarius - I bought it previously from the Herbarie, so I didn't want to use a lot of it - and I adore it! I have a few recipes on the blog using it!