Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Essential oils: The science of cedrene and thujopsene

The two other main components of cedarwood Texas and cedarwood Virginia essential oils are cedrene (1.8% in Texas, 27.2% in Virginia) and thujopsene (60% Texas, 27% Virginia). And here's the problem - I've done a ton of searching, and I can't find anything with any great information about what these compounds bring to the science of cedarwood essential oil.

It might be that cedrene offers the same sedative effects as cedrol, although the study was done in 1968, so there might be more information now, (page 15, this report). And "Virginia cedarwood oil (3%), cedrene (2%), and cedrol (2%) were all highly toxic to Peanut Trash Bug colonies..." (page 16, same report).

As for thujopsene, I have nothing on how it might affect us, internally or externally.

So it's hard to say what effects these compounds might have on us in our products when we use cedarwood Virginia or cedarwood Texas essential oils. Let's take a look at some other claims made about cedarwood essential oil (Texas and Virginia) tomorrow.

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