Thursday, February 9, 2012

Essential oils: Lemongrass - applications!

Lemongrass essential oil some great qualities we can take advantage of in our products, so let's take a look at a few!

One study (click here for that post) notes that that it can be used at 2% in a shampoo - try that and see how it works.! Lemongrass contains citral, which can be a skin sensitizer, so start with 1% in the cool down phase and add more when you see how you and the users of the product like it. Consider adding 1% tea tree essential oil to the cool down phase for a dandruff shampoo, for a total of 1% tea tree essential oil and 1% lemongrass essential oil (remove 2% from your water phase to compensate for this addition).

If you like the smell, consider using lemongrass essential oil in products intended for oily skin and hair. Again, a shampoo or conditioner would be a good addition - I'd try this conditioner for oily hair and add it at 1% in the cool down phase. You can choose any hydrosols or extracts you want. I'm including rosemary and orange hydrosol for the awesome oil fighting action, and I've added powdered grapeseed extract for the same reasons.



20% orange hydrosol
20% rosemary hydrosol
51% water

0.5% preservative (liquid Germall Plus)
1% oily hair essential oil blend
1% lemongrass essential oil
0.5% powdered grapeseed extract

Oily hair essential oil blend: Equal parts rosemary, clary sage, cedarwood, and lime or lemon essential oils. Substitute the lemon or lime essential oil in the oily hair blend for lemongrass essential oil or just add it separately. It's up to you!

Feel free to add 2% dimethicone and 2% cyclomethicone to this product in the cool down phase (remove 4% from the heated water phase). Feel free to a hydrolyzed protein (I like 2% hydrolyzed oat protein in the heated water phase) or panthenol (I like 2% in the cool down phase). If you want more emolliency, add up to 5% fatty alcohol in the heated oil phase and remove 5% from the water phase. Add some oils - coconut oil is nice, as are a lot of other oils - in the heated oil phase (up to 10% - remove the same amount from your water phase). And so on. Modify this recipe as much as you wish!

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