Sunday, January 15, 2012

Videos on distilling essential oils

I watched a few of these videos this morning from Carmel Lavender farm, and I thought they were quite interesting. So I pass the link on to you - Carmel Lavender farm videos on distilling essential oils! (Click link to watch it on YouTube or just click play here.)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Have you heard about passion fruit oil? It smells wonderfull. The passion fruit grows in Brazil and is one of my favorites juices. I am planning on using the essencial oils of it on my lotions. I have't found it in USA yet, so i'll ask my family down there to send me some.

Tara said...

Visiting the Lavender Plantation on Maui was one of the highlights of my trip there! Just walking through the gardens and breathing in all that wonderful sweet air, then treating myself to fresh lavender honey and essential oil made my year!