Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Newbie Tuesday: Next week's project!

If you're interested in joining on the fun with next week's body butter project, click here to learn more about the supplies you'll need. If you made last week's lotion, then you have what you need!

59% water
2% sodium lactate

10% oils
15% butter
3% cetyl alcohol
7% Polawax (e-wax)

0.5% to 1% preservative
1% fragrance or essential oil

Join me next Tuesday for some instructions and the video!


Nedeia said...

Ok, maybe this is a stupid question, but... For polawax, the 1/4 rule.... Do we calculate stearic acid/ cetyl/cetearyl included, or only the oils&buters? :) I just realized I have always used 1/4 of the oils+butters, cetyl/cetearyl/stearic excluding... Did I use too much polawax? :)

Nancy Liedel said...

I love this series. I hope I'm beyond it, but I always learn a why I never quite got. Thank you.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Nedeia. Polawax usage is based on your oil phase. Everything that is oil soluble goes into the oil phase. Use 25% of the total amount of the oil phase in Polawax. The quick answer is that you haven't used too much...but I encourage you to click here for how much emulsifier should I use?" from the FAQ section (look to the right).

Can I ask two questions? Are you making up your own recipe or are you following one? And have you read the formulating series on this blog? I ask the latter question because if you're going to be making your own recipes, I really suggest learning these things from the start! Start here and hit "newer post" at the end of every post.

Click here for a post on the oil phase.

HB said...

Darn it I didn't buy sodium lactate. Can I use honey here instead if I make sure to use a full % of Germaben II?