Friday, December 2, 2011

Sponsored by readers like you: Beaded snowflakes!

We're not just about the cosmetic chemistry around here - we're also about the beading. Last night my Chilliwack craft group created gorgeous Christmas jewellery, including these lovely beaded snowflakes!

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There are three ways to finish off the end of each arm of the snowflake - by gluing on a bead with Crazy Glue (not recommended, you'll be covered in it, and you have to wait before gluing the next arm!), by using a crimping bead, or by turning the end into a loop. I recommend having a loop at the top and bottom of the snowflake so you can hang it from something and you can hang something from the bottom, and I like the crimping bead method the best (primarily because they are really hard to bend and my hands hurt after making the first one!).

I also recommend using acrylic beads. They're much cheaper than glass or crystal, and they are much lighter. The first ones I made with glass beads kept pulling the 3M hook off my office door!

But wait, there's more! We also made awesome Christmas jewellery! If you'd like to make a gorgeous Christmas charm bracelet, click here! The little snowmen, angels, and trees can be used for earrings as well

Here are a few posts I've written about snowflake making or jewellery projects! These make great Christmas presents, and you can do them with kids as young as 6 - as long as they have some eye-hand co-ordination. Let them put the beads on, then do the rest of the work for them! 

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Lise M Andersen said...

great looking things one and all!