Thursday, December 29, 2011

Links to lists!

If you take a look to your right, you'll see the links to lists section of the blog. I've created a permanent link to all the essential oil posts and I'll be updating the sections as I write the posts. Blogger's been kind enough to give us 20 pages that we can keep in this way, so I'll be organizing other sections this way in the near future.

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Nancy Liedel said...

Dearest Swift. You need your own domain and it can be very cheap. You have a lot of stuff up for Blogger to keep and if they crash with it...shudder. Why I keep copies of all your posts. Except the wedding and vacations ones. We have different styles in vacations. I can camp, but I'd rather go on an adventure to India :) You can come too. We can bring my new uvc light to kill bacteria, yeasts, molds and my all time favorite, FUNGUS!!! I love spores.