Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

The hardest thing about going to bed on Christmas Day is deciding which book out of the stack I should read that night! I chose Dr Joe's Science, Sense & Nonsense, but I was kind of leaning towards Snuff, Terry Prachett's new novel!

Today is all about the sleeping, resting, napping, and dozing. I've got a sugar hangover and I'm still fighting this cold, so it's all about the not doing much today!

I don't shop on Boxing Day - I don't like being that close to anyone who isn't my husband, we don't get really killer deals like we used to, and I hate the idea of making someone work on Boxing Day. I had to work Boxing Day one year - I know, only one year! I'm lucky! - and it ruined my Christmas night as I had to make sure I treated it like a work night. I was at the mall at 8 am to man my ticket and lottery booth. No one came by until well after 11! I think our local mall opens at a normal time, but I saw Coquitlam Centre opened at 8 on Boxing Day. Seriously? (In the Province newspaper today, they note there were a few shops on Robson Street that were open yesterday! We can't have one day a year on which we don't shop?) I find it hard not to spend money on Buy Nothing Day (aka Black Friday) because I generally work that day and work means buying coffee for clients, putting gas in the car, and so on, but I find it easy to be thrifty today!

This paragraph isn't intended to judge people who go shopping on Boxing Day. For a lot of people, this is the one time a year they can treat themselves to something nice with Christmas money! If you've braved the crowds today, kudos to you! You're a braver person than I! 

My husband pointed out how much my family and friends have accepted my obsession with science by looking at the gifts they've given to me! (Check out my awesome new The Elements calendar to go with the book I received last year!) Did you get any cool, science-y presents this year?

Well, I have a long day of resting and vegging ahead of me, so I best end this with a cherry Happy Boxing Day before I make a bacon sandwich! Happy Boxing Day!

Your normal programming will resume tomorrow with more on peppermint essential oil!

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mamafrog said...

Snuff was very good, just finished reading it. Very Vimes and heroic! Now I'm working on I Shall Wear Midnight about Tiffany Aching, my other favorite series. I knew there was something I liked about you! Happy Holidays!