Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Essential oils: Peppermint - the science relating to other things

A few more things about peppermint and then we'll do a little formulating with it!

Smelling peppermint oil might be good for enhancing your memory and increasing alertness (Moss et al, 2003).

Peppermint oil might be good at repelling mice and it might be good at repelling ear mites (put a little on a Q-tip and swab your ear). "Ticks can be removed by applying 1 drop of cinnamon or peppermint oil on Q-tip by swabbing on it." (Handbook of Essential Oils, p. 884).

Gobel et all (1995) found that a blend of 10% peppermint essential oil and 5% eucalytpus oil rubbed on the temples and forehead might improve cognitive performance and work as a mental and muscle relaxant, but it this blend didn't work well for pain. 10% peppermint essential oil showed  an analgesic effect and reduce the sensitivity to headaches. In another study by the same researchers, 10% peppermint essential oil was shown to have increase capillary flow in patients with headaches by up to 225%, but had no effect on migraine patients. In contrast, eucalyptus  essential oil decreased the blood flow by 16%. (In an earlier study - 1994 - the researchers found that a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, and alcohol worked as a mental and muscle relaxant but not a pain reliever.)

Join me tomorrow as we do a little formulating with peppermint essential oil to take advantage of all these great qualities! 

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