Friday, December 23, 2011

As much as I'd like to post today...

...there's just way too much to learn about peppermint! I've spent the last three mornings researching it, and I think to post on menthol this morning would be a disservice as I don't feel I can adequately put together all the cool stuff I've been learning about peppermint essential oil! Instead, here are a few posts with products I've made using peppermint oil or menthol! I'm hoping to post something tomorrow or Monday - it's just so interesting!

Body lotion becomes foot cream
Foot lotion becomes foot cream
Whipped butter for my painful back! 
Lotion bar for my painful muscles
A possible shampoo for dandruff prone hair (add 0.5% to 1% essential oil in the cool down phase)
An oil stripping shampoo (again, add 0.5% to 1% peppermint essential oil in the cool down phase)

As to the names of these products, please note that I'm not making claims here. These are aspirations based upon the chemistry of the ingredients! 

See you tomorrow!

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